Luke: wewe had a sucky job at the carnival that was going on in town. wewe worked at a booth called 'Nail-A-Penguin'. wewe had to throw maharage, maharagwe bags at plastic penguin, auk figures that popped up, trying to knock them down. wewe stood up at the counter, advertising the game as people walked by, "Step up and Nail-A-Penguin! Knock down three penguins and win a stuffed penguin! Only 3 dollars for 5 maharage, maharagwe bags!" wewe had finally caught a teenage boys interest in playing the game. He handed over the 3 dollars fee and wewe handed him the five maharage, maharagwe bags. He missed twice and got a hit three times. wewe picked up the maharage, maharagwe bags and tossed them into the bucket and handed him one of the little stuffed penguins that hung on a clothesline along the back of the booth. "There ya go. Thanks for playing." wewe responded with a smile as wewe studied the boys features for a moment. Perfect crystal blue eyes and blonde hair.

"Hello? wewe still there?" He asked , waving his hands in front of your face.You zoned out, Lost in his crystal orbs of blue.

"Oh...uh..yeah sorry about that." wewe blushed.

"Don't worry about it beautiful. But I gotta run. Call me sometime beautiful." He said, uandishi his number on a paper laying on the counter. He winked and left the booth, cuddling his stuffed penguin.

Calum: wewe walked into the gym of your high school. It was prom night and wewe had no date. wewe were dressed up in a sleek midnight blue one shoulder dress with heels to match. Your hair was hanging down at your shoulders in loose curls. wewe sighed and took a kiti, kiti cha at one of the tables in the back. All of your Marafiki had dates so wewe were forced to come alone. wewe watched all the couples dancing and the couples talking with each other. wewe rolled your eyes at both sights only because wewe were jealous of one girl in particular and that was Jessica Manson. She has gotten to come here with the hottest guy in school, Calum Hood. wewe have been crushing on him since 6th grade year. But he never takes any notice in wewe but then again nobody ever does. wewe got up and walked over to the snack table, getting a cup of matunda ngumi, punch that was most likely spiked with booze because of a delinquent student. wewe jump startled kwa a scream that came from Jessica Manson. Her dress was tore down the skirt, upindo and wewe couldn't help but laugh. Calum stood to the side, covering his mouth to hide his laughter. Jessica stormed out of the gym and down the hall, out the main doors. Your night had just gotten a whole lot better. Calum was free. Jessica was gone. wewe went and sat back down, working up the courage to ask him to dance but as wewe went to stand up wewe almost walked right into him, "Oh, I'm sorry." wewe said, blushing.
"Its alright lovely." Calum said, flashing a smile, "But anyways I've been working up the courage to ask this but will wewe dance with me?"
wewe smiled, "Course I will."

Michael: wewe had just graduated from college. wewe got a degree in hair styling. wewe had just been hired at Clean Kutz. This was your first day. wewe had one other person working with wewe right now, Stacy. She ran the front desk. wewe fixed up your station when somebody walked in, "Welcome to Clean Kutz. Do wewe have an appointment?" Stacy asked, resting her hand on the computer mouse.
"Yes I do. I'm supposed to be here for an appointment with Krissy." The boy responded, tucking his hands into the front pockets of his jeans.
"Oh, She's not in today but Y/N here could help wewe if wewe like." Stacy alisema as she pointed to wewe where wewe stood setting up your station for the day.
"Okay." He alisema and wewe gestured him back.
"Alright,"You alisema as he took a kiti, kiti cha in the chair, "What is it that wewe wanted done today?" wewe asked,stuffing your cellphone into your smock.
"I was thinking of getting my hair dyed red today."
"Alright. Do wewe want it a natural ginger color au do wewe want an unnatural and zaidi of a punk rock style?"
"Lets do and unnatural shade of red."
"Okay. Just let me mix the dye." wewe walked to the back and got a bright red dye. wewe slipped gloves onto your hands and shook the dye bottle before beginning your work
"Ready to see?" wewe asked as wewe finished blow drying his hair. He nodded, so wewe spun the chair around.
"Oh my gosh! This looks so awesome! I can't thank wewe enough for this." He handed wewe a tip of ten bucks. "Also..would wewe maybe want to have lunch at Cafe Le Ritz later on tomorrow about 12:00?"
"Sure." wewe alisema and he handed wewe his number, "Call me when your ready." He alisema and headed out of the place. Stacy gave wewe look before she winked and wewe headed back to clean up your station.

Ashton: wewe sat in Social Studies, your most hated class of the day. wewe self-harmed the night before and were wearing at least for bracelets, trying to hide the fresh marks. Half-way through the class wewe were partenered with Ashton Irwin who had accidentally touched your wrist causing wewe to wince. "Are wewe okay?"
"I'm fine." wewe said, pulling your arm away but he was quicker and tugged it back. He moved the bracelets aside and looked at the bright red marks on your skin, "Why did wewe do this?" He surprised wewe with the question. wewe had just met him but he already cared.
"To take away the pain." wewe answered, your voice barely a whisper.
"Darling, this doesn't help a thing. I can help wewe anytime wewe need it." He wrote down his cell phone number in your notebook and covered the cuts back up. wewe two then continued working but with zaidi of a conversation, getting to know each other.