Small white specks fly around in the blue-grey sky, the sun barely shown behind the dull clouds. samaki swim underneath the translucent layer of ice that covered the small pond. Some trees are bare, shivering in the cold winter air. Others are covered in a thick green coat, staying warm even with the snow that they collected. wanyama are asleep, snoring in their caves au holes, resting themselves so they are rejuvenated for Spring. Snow continues to fall, dusting our cars, roads, and homes. The freezing weather frosts our windows, making them harder to see out of.Kids zip up their snowsuits and up into the soft snow, their cheeks turning pink as they smile and play. Adults shovel their driveway, making them easier for them to get out, as they watch their children make snow angels. Wind blows the lighter snow up into the sky, re-dusting everything they see.