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misanthrope86 posted on Aug 02, 2015 at 07:09AM
As some of you may know, in 2011 (jesus christ I'm old) I set up a link in this club. DarkSarcasm and I thought it was time for a re-do, so we slapped this slightly different version together. So, if you know the drill, have fun! If you are confused and bewildered, all you know need to do is answer the following questions, accompanied with a pretty edit (although not necessary). You can show restraint and discipline by only answering one question a day, or you can answer a few at a time, or you can answer all of them in one go survey-style. You can do the questions in any order (those of us with OCD tendencies promise not to hold it against you...) and skip any that you don't like or don't have an answer for. The only rule is no stealing other people's edits and pretending they're yours. That goes for life in general too.

Day 1: Your favourite actress at the moment
Day 2: An actress born the same year as you
Day 3: Two actresses who look a lot alike
Day 4: An actress you associate with one character
Day 5: An actress who looks like someone you know
Day 6: An actress you would love to see more of
Day 7: An actress you have a lot in common with
Day 8: The actress you have seen the most movies of
Day 9: An actress you can watch over and over in the same movie
Day 10: An actress from your favourite TV show
Day 11: An actress from your favourite movie
Day 12: An actress from a movie that is really bad but she makes it seem good
Day 13: An actress you would like to have as your roommate
Day 14: An actress you would like to meet
Day 15: An actress from a different country than you
Day 16: An actress you've fallen OUT of love with
Day 17: A favourite actress from a childhood show or movie
Day 18: An actress who can also sing
Day 19: An actress you would watch anything for. Anything.
Day 20: Best acting performance
Day 21: An actress who makes you laugh
Day 22: An actress you would like to go on an adventure with
Day 23: Favourite actress over 50
Day 24: Favourite actress under 20
Day 25: An actress who is very versatile
Day 26: An actress you want to love, but can’t
Day 27: An actress you shouldn’t love, but do
Day 28: Favourite genre actress (for example, an actress who does a lot of sci-fi or westerns or action or comedies etc)
Day 29: Free Day - choose your own topic!
Day 30: Your favourite actress of all time

If you also like to obsess over boys, feel free to check out link.
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