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Andrew was just waking up when he heard Princess Bubblegum saying, "We saw him come over here yesterday but can not find him call Finn and Jake now." Andrew was freaking out their about to send out the two people who stopped the Lich twice. "Gotta hide gotta hide wait Im older than Finn I'll just beat him up." Only Finn came because jake was taking care of LR. "So where is he PB." Finn asks Princess Bubblegum, then all of the sudden Andrew jumps out and fights Finn with the frozen blades of globb he aliiba from a ice cavern in the ice kingdom. Finn pulled out his demon blood sword and fought feircly till he couldnt any zaidi and fell defeated dragged off kwa PB. "Safe for another day." Andrew alisema to himself the night after and fell asleep.
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 Natalie & Sarah
Natalie & Sarah
"Finn!" she cries,"FINN! Where are you?". She sulks to the ground crying. She thinks,"Great. Another siku I haven't found him. Maybe they're all right...what if he died. au maybe doesn't want anything to do with me?". The thought makes her chest hurt. She walks slow to a nearby tree, laying down cuddling up to her inayopendelewa companion. "Goodnight, Sarah.", she whispers falling into a deep sleep.

The sun pounds down hard as the morning shines through the trees. Natalie screams loudly, sitting up eyes wide open waking up in a cold sweat. She grabs Sarah to her chest and repeats to herself,"It's a dream. Nothing but a foolish dream." She sighs loudly laying back down to the ground trying to take a grasp on reality. Slowly she raises herself off the forest floor and starts off on another siku looking for him. Looking for her brother. Finn the Human.

For some that don't know that is the character I am roleplaying.
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