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Well, rumor has it that Fionna and Cake will come back, which is probably true. It is seen on the adventure time wiki that theere are adventure time comics for about every onyesha they made. It is shown on one page that ice king is making the sequal to his book Fionna and Cake. The sequal is called Fionna and Cake meet Finn and Jake, which could give us a hint to a upcoming episode. It is shown that ice king is uandishi his shabiki fiction until a green portal appears in his home, sucking in all objects that are in his home. There aren't any zaidi pages I could find of this, but I hope this helps you. THANKS!!!!!
We all know that PB is 18, right? Well, she's just like Marceline. She looks young but is actually older than she looks. Proof?

1) In Princess Cookie, she visited the Candy Orphanage. Baby Snaps was still a kid there, and Bubblegum looked 18. It was the past. While Cookie has grown physically, PB still remains the same.

2) In the promo art for Burning Low, Flame Princess seems to very young, like 5 years old. While Peebles in inayofuata to the lantern, looking 18 years old.

3) In The Suitor, the oldest suitor alisema he had been waiting for PB for 300 years. Indicating that she has lived for 300+ years. I think that it is because of Candy Biomass that makes her live.
posted by chillyneon
Fionna and Cake both walked along the hillside. Prince Gumball had invited both them and Marshall Lee to a picnic under the apple mti up on the hill. Fionna didn't understand why Gumball invited Marshall. He had a hate for him, but Fionna guessed that maybe he invited him just for this time.

Fionna's Pov
I started to slow down. "Cake," I said. "Can wewe please carry me"?
"Fionna, wewe need to get out more", alisema Cake. "You've been eating too many cupcakes.
"But PG makes the BEST keki ever." " I can't resist them!!!"
"Whatever", says Cake. She lets me get on her back, and carry's me to the apple...
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Dear Diary,

I really like this boy named Finn.He is such a hero in this land.He saved me millions of times and he calls me Princess.He always wears a green bapack and a white hat.Under it, he has long lucious blonde hair that is so soft.There is a Candy cane ball coming up and I want him to be my date.I kissed him on the cheek one time when he did something really heroic.But cheek and lips are in dfferent areas.He also had this dog named Jake. Finn is the most hottest guy in the kingdom.
Ive really got the hots for him.Hes like a girls
best friend,chocolate.Im having a specialy made
dress to go to the ball.

(Pure FANFICTION) maoni and tell me if I should
make a 16 & pregnant Finn and Princess Bubblegum
posted by emerald_32
Something I isn't that AT-related so..yeah.
ONEE-CHAN: sister
ONEE-SAMA: brother

My offensive yet thoughtful Onee-sama, Vick:

My beloved, somewhat funny and retarded onee-chan, Newb (I know her real name):

My supportive onee-sama, Alex:

My Fubblegum obsessed onee-chan, Aya:

My plain awesome onee-sama, Lorenzo:

My annoying, Assassin's Creed obsessed yet he is still awesome, Francis:

My onee-chan who is also MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD, Judell:

We fight, we bicker,'re all still dear to me.
If you're not on this orodha then...tough luck.
posted by emerald_32
Song Lyrics for Season 1 songs

Episode: The Jiggler
Song: Baby

Finn: Baby, (Jake: Ooo!)
Finn: I know what wewe need, (Jake: What's that?)
Finn: wewe want your little baby socks...
for your little baby feet. (Jake: Woooo.)
Finn: Baby, (Jake: Yeah?)
Finn: I know what wewe crave, (Jake: Oh yeah? What's that?)
Finn: wewe want to poop your pants all siku long,
well baby behave!
Finn: Baby... wewe lookin' so good,
You lookin' like wewe might... want some baby food. (Jake: Keep it goin', man!)
Finn: Baby, wewe lookin' so fine.
You lookin' like wewe might... just start cryin'.
Finn: I gotta tuck wewe in, girl.
I gotta sing...
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posted by Skittygirl
Ever since Adventure Time Season 3, Episode 9 aka “Fionna and Cake” came out, many avid Adventure Time watchers went wild making genderbent versions of characters that weren’t introduced yet, and it even gave hope to Fionna X whoever-they-ship-her-with shippers. But I suppose that can’t be an odd thing for a shabiki to do—what’s odd is that now some are saying they like Fionna and Cake better than the originals (kinda like me), while some are suggesting they get their own onyesha altogether (okay, now that’s NOT me). But while many are into the gender-bender craze (wow, just one episode...
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posted by DragonFang145


Pancake Batter


Frying Pan

Step 1.) Cook bacon thoroughly, after wewe are finished set aside to cool.

Step 2.) Take panckae batter (as much as wewe like, it depends on how hungry wewe are) and mix with water.

Step 3.) After bacon is cool enough not to burn your fingers chop into small bits (or big depends on what wewe like).

Step 4.) Sprinkle bacon bits into pancake mix, stir, then pour into pan (size depends on hungry wewe are).

AND REMEMBER! Don't forget to sing the song while wewe cook!

bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes

Take some bacon and I'll put it in a pancake

bacon pancakes, that's what it's gonna make

bacon pancake!
posted by makemesmile1000
Okay, before we proceed, I just want to say that this shabiki fiction is not meant to be taken seriously so don't take it seriously. If wewe ignore this and take the shabiki fiction seriously and begin flaming up, then I'm sure I would sincerely apologize, and also not taking your maoni seriously at the same time.
Enough gibberish: Here we go!!

It was such a bright and lovely siku in the Land of Ooo. The golden sun rays warmed the ground. The wind gently blew kwa as the birds flew and sang... What a perfect siku to be outside doing outdoors activities...

Princess Bubblegum had just finished her breakfast,...
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posted by ATFan1
To my one true love,

Finn, I know I have written this letter to wewe too late. I am fully aware that wewe are now deeply in upendo with Flame Princess. Alas! This painful truth is too much for my poor moyo to bear.

Oh Finn, no words could express the extent of my upendo for you. I cannot close my eyes without seeing your handsome face. In my dreams, I feel the heavenly sensation of your lips upon mine as we kiss. Oh, those sweet lips! Whenever I awake, I realize that only the air touches my mouth, and tears flow rapidly from my eyes. During the day, I lock myself in my cold, miserable laboratory,...
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posted by edgeofultima100
Adventure Time
The story of the maarufu CartoonNetwork onyesha Adventure Time, the lives of everyone such as the Ice King. To my understanding it seems that everything started with him because of his finding of the ice crown. When the ice king made his video journals he was engaged to what it seems like princess bubblegum au the Queen of the Candy kingdom. When he found the ice crown he began to create problems for the whole land of Ooo but when the soon to be ice king found the crown he began to change the environment around him causing him to slowly and progressively lose his memory to the ice...
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Adventure Time Theory: Finn's past,Part 2

Finn awakens in a blinding white room. He rubs his eyes,sitting up and looking around. *This is way too clean to be my house...* Finn thinks,trying to figure out where he is. He hears a monitor beeping beside him and sees an IV tube in his arm. "I must be in the hospital...." Finn says aloud,shaking his head slightly. "That wewe are correct about young man..." A doctor says,taking off his gloves and wiping sweat off his forehead. "You just got out of surgery...." he says,smiling warmly. "surgery? oh that's right....when Bruce Tromo and Trani jumped me...
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I had enough of wewe finn! I cant stand this weird relationship anymore!!! So are wewe trying to say that wewe hate me? "answer me Flame Princess" alisema finn. "You know what infact yeah" alisema Flame Princess. SO THAT MEANS WE ARE OVER!!!!

After a few weeks Flame Princess regreted of everything she alisema to finn. Now even jake thinks that she is so mean. Flame Princess went to finn and jakes house but when she was about to enter the door a note was left and it said. "Me and Jake are in the Candy Kingdom." Flame Princess quickly went to the Candy kingdom. When she went in she saw finn and Princess Bubblegum holding hands. Flame Princesse's moyo felt like tearing into pieces when she saw both of them... She went nyumbani and was crying flame balls...
She alisema lying down on her kitanda looking at a picture of Princess Bubblegum. " wewe are going to Pay for what ever wewe did." then suddenly the picture got burned and was torn into pieces.
posted by redpanda
(In the Flame Kingdom Flambo runs up to Flame Princess)
Flambo: Flame Princess! Finn wants to see you
Flame Princess: Flambo! I'm busy!
Flambo: He alisema its important
Flame Princess: Okay... but Flambo watch my father au else!
Flambo: Of coarse my queen
( In the forest where Finn alisema to meet)
Flame Princess: Finn I'm here!
Finn: Good FP you're here
Flame Princess: So what do wewe want to talk about...
Finn: Wanna... go to a... dungeon
Flame Princess: Finn... a dungeon I put Flambo in watch patrol of my father he is not gonna do that for hours!
Finn: Oh... okay I just wanted to say that I...
Wanna find out what Finn Mertens says part 2 is coming soon so keep watch like Flambo ^-^
posted by ATFan1
To the most beautiful girl I ever knew,
Oh, FP, how could I have been so naïve? Driven kwa my stupid childish passion, I wrote that letter, that cursed letter that has caused us so much pain! I would sacrifice anything to undo that! Oh Glob, have wewe written my destiny to never be loved kwa my one and only soul mate ever again?
My dear FP, I see your image in my dreams. I reach out for you, and awake only to not see wewe in my arms. My tears flow like torrents. I cannot recall our last moment of being together without madly crying. During the day, I vainly hope to see your elegant and most breathtaking...
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Now, we all know the maarufu episode “What Was Missing", but do we know the story behind it????

I read somewhere on the Internet that a man from the Adventure Time crew got fired. Now, why would someone get fired from such a bubbly and entertaining show???

Well, this man was the writer of the episode “What Was Missing?". He was fired because of Lesbian thoughts in the episode. I guess AT and CN though Lesbian thoughts were too innapropriate, so they fired him, and also on YouTube, there is a channel called “Mathmatical" (I think that's the title) and they took the clip/episode off.

The first...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: For dadadas so he won't fuck me. Please enjoy. X3

While doing some research for a ripoti on her school history, Bonnibel (Yep, that's right-Princess Bubblegum -Emerald) discovered something very disturbing. According to old newspaper makala in the Ooo library, before her school was built over fifty years ago, an orphanage stood in it's place. It was no ordinary orphanage-it was rumored to be haunted.
"Several children claim that they have seen a tall man in a black suit lurking around the orphanage," stated one article.
There were reports of disappearances,...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: Wow, it's been a long time since I ilitumwa a shabiki fiction here. Anyways, please enjoy! X3
Joshua, Margaret and Finn arrived at an old hotel really late. And when I say old, I mean really, really old. It looked as though it would collapse any second. But in a way, it was sort of charming if wewe looked past the cobwebs and dust.
They were all tired. As soon as they were checked in Joshua and Margaret left Finn in a bedroom that was connected to their room. Finn's room was a bit small-it just had a kitanda and a dresser, plus a window across the room from the...
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posted by Newbiehere13
All credits go to the person in this link:link. I chose to post this straight in the makala and not in the link, because no one clicks on the viungo that much and this message is something we should understand, as a fan.

To all Adventure Time fans: Embrace ALL the qualities of the characters, of all your favourite characters particularly

If your character has issues, don’t feel like they should be changed - accept them.

If Marceline’s your favourite character, embrace her selfishness.

If Ice King’s your favourite character, embrace his greed.

If Finn’s your favourite character, embrace...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: This has something to do with my awali story, Forgive Me, Heart. Of course, PB and Ice King are main characters. ENJOY, as usual. :)

It was the siku of Flame Princess and Finn's wedding. Ice King came and kidnapped Princess Bubblegum. They arrived in the Ice Castle, and Ice King let Princess Bubblegum go.

"Why did wewe kidnap me, Ice King?!" Princess Bubblegum said. "You see, I don't have ANY intention of marrying wewe anymore, Princess. I just want wewe as my servant." He replied. "Now change in to your maid clothes!" he alisema as he used his magic to...
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