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 Adventure Time realistic anime
Adventure time realistic anime!
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This Adventure Time sanaa ya shabiki contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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(In the Flame Kingdom Flambo runs up to Flame Princess)
Flambo: Flame Princess! Finn wants to see you
Flame Princess: Flambo! I'm busy!
Flambo: He alisema its important
Flame Princess: Okay... but Flambo watch my father au else!
Flambo: Of coarse my queen
( In the forest where Finn alisema to meet)
Flame Princess: Finn I'm here!
Finn: Good FP you're here
Flame Princess: So what do wewe want to talk about...
Finn: Wanna... go to a... dungeon
Flame Princess: Finn... a dungeon I put Flambo in watch patrol of my father he is not gonna do that for hours!
Finn: Oh... okay I just wanted to say that I...
Wanna find out what Finn Mertens says part 2 is coming soon so keep watch like Flambo ^-^
To the most beautiful girl I ever knew,
Oh, FP, how could I have been so naïve? Driven kwa my stupid childish passion, I wrote that letter, that cursed letter that has caused us so much pain! I would sacrifice anything to undo that! Oh Glob, have wewe written my destiny to never be loved kwa my one and only soul mate ever again?
My dear FP, I see your image in my dreams. I reach out for you, and awake only to not see wewe in my arms. My tears flow like torrents. I cannot recall our last moment of being together without madly crying. During the day, I vainly hope to see your elegant and most breathtaking...
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Now, we all know the maarufu episode “What Was Missing", but do we know the story behind it????

I read somewhere on the Internet that a man from the Adventure Time crew got fired. Now, why would someone get fired from such a bubbly and entertaining show???

Well, this man was the writer of the episode “What Was Missing?". He was fired because of Lesbian thoughts in the episode. I guess AT and CN though Lesbian thoughts were too innapropriate, so they fired him, and also on YouTube, there is a channel called “Mathmatical" (I think that's the title) and they took the clip/episode off.

The first...
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This isnt mine, ok? This is from the person who used to be active in this club.. Can u guys guess who is it?