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it came from the nightosphere
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So let's start this of

Finn has left to go to the moto kingdom to see how fp is going while ruling the kingdom

Finn: wow what happened to the kingdom (it was destroyed when he got in) ok what happened here.
(fp not in sight)
Finn: why is no one here
Fp: Hiding
Finn: hiding.. from who
Fp: me
(finn looks amazed)
Finn: oh yeah pb sent me for a mission
(start's getting something out of pack)
Fp: what
Finn: I think it's time to explain
(grabs holo-pendant a recording play's)
message from pb: Finn I have a special mission for you, wewe have to extinguish fp in secret because if she rule's the kingdom she will experience a massive amount of power wewe must extinguish her.
Fp: Finn
(finn has water gun pointed at fp)
Presenting, a drabble that just popped out.

_-_- AstigPinoy -_-_

It was a normal siku at the land they called Fanpop, and I was just sitting at the crow's nest of my ship, the Seven Two Zero.

A week ago, an unfortunate thing happened to a great battle:
The most biggest ship sunk, so was it's army and special ops.
The S.S. Finname was obliterated kwa the unknown force called "the producer's choice", neither controlled kwa the fan-soldiers nor the fan-base itself, but the crew which made Adventure Time.
It was a tragic moment for all of them.

At least, Lieutenant...
continue reading...
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(Back where we left off)
Flame Princess: Well...
Finn: I got to go
Flame Princess: Finn wait!
Princess Bubblegum: So wewe found out huh
Flame Princess: You! (Has a fireball ready)
Princess Bubblegum: I'm not here to strap wewe up
Flame Princess: Then just run away like the others (Looking sad)
Princess Bubblegum: Finn isn't going to confess right away
Flame Princess: Then when tell me when!
Princess Bubblegum: Time will tell wewe the answer, well I have to get going the Candy citizens are going to be protected on their own, Morrow! (The bird takes her away)
Flame Princess: Oh Finn tell me please
(She walks to the treehouse and Finn opens the door)
Part 3 coming soon! Keep watch citizens ^-^
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