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 AT karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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It was never like this before.

Before, it was all bliss and harmony.
The prosperity of the human race was outmatched kwa it's own constant state of greed.
You might call it "living in a paradox".

Now, "everything" reeks of the aftermath.
Everything might seem a bit optimistic.
The ruins of what seemed to be civilization reeks of the aftermath.

They detonated a voloptuous fusion bomb right in the middle of what was once, uhh, let me check- China. Yes.

The explosion seemed to turn back time- au so I thought- and ripples oscillated from it, which, as it turns out, had severely adverse effects on living...
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It was May 28,I got banned kwa shippers who are some dark seeking admins,Then I checked my Yahoo account,It still got an weird notification kwa "Jonathan Frank Perez" that alisema "Banned"...

Two months later...

I missed the group,I searched groups to jiunge in,I joined 4 land of ooo groups,then I searched in the internet for klabu and etc...... Then the magic happens...

Something popped on my screen and I clicked it,It ses "Fanpop" so I made an account.Then my eyes let up and saw achievements,you can be shabiki of someone and wewe can jiunge never ending clubs.

These days,I always visit this website.
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