Advice Marafiki are not supportive of my relationship

ranier77 posted on Apr 25, 2018 at 01:55AM
I’m pissed at my best friends because for some reasons they just can’t take my relationship seriously. I met my now-girlfriend through a dating app. When I said that to my friends, they all started laughing. I don’t get why. Then they started asking questions like “are you really sure,” “maybe you just want to hook up,” and “are you sure she’s not a dude?” I let it slide on the early months but it’s almost a year now. Why can’t they take it seriously? A few of our friends even met my girlfriend already. I feel like it’s just unfair for them and disrespectful to make fun of our relationship. It’s not like we met in some foreign dating tours or some mail order bride thing. I already called them out but still nothing. What else do I do?

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