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Brightstar padded into the AirClan camp just to see one of the AirClan kits brush against her mother's side. So far, no one noticed that she was here. Stupid AirClan cats. Not being able to scent a cat from a different Clan "Awww, aren't kits adorable?" At that statement, all of the Cats in the clearing stopped what they were doing and stared at her, obviously recognizing her voice.

The little kit's fur, manyoya was standing on end as she hissed, "Brightstar! What are wewe doing in the AirClan camp?" Then the kit ran behind her mother, Darkstripe. Darkstripe turned and guided the young kit to the nursery....
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It was a full moon, meaning it was time for a gathering. Moonshine lead her patrol -- which was made up of, Sharpfang, Mintleaf and Thistlepaw the medicine cats), Nightwing, Ferndapple, Windsong, Tigerfang, and Kestrelpaw -- along the highest part of the cliff to the lake was. They walked across some rocks in the stream leading up to the waterfall. Making it safely across, Moonshine saw the gathering place, Flat Rock.

Every Clan was there except BlazeClan. Watersoul, the StreamClan leader, bowed her head to Moonshine.

"Where are BlazeClan? They are usually the first au sekunde Clan here." Stonespirit,...
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This is AirClan, obviously. We are fast Cats like WindClan, only we live under zaidi trees. There is a nice waterfall near our camp which leads into a lake. I believe that StreamClan is jealous because they don't have anything this spectacular.

When we leave the camp, we have to keep a sharp eye out for the cliff to the lake. A downside to this cliff is that if we go over the edge, we could fall into the lake and possibly drown if we aren't close to the edge of the water. But, the good thing is that when we go the proper way down, we have plenty water. What no other Clan knows is that when we walk along the shore-line, and we reach the waterfall, there is a cave where we have a plentiful supply of burdock root.

We are at the border-line of BlazeClan.

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