As the huge white doors opened up wewe notice that there are two servants waiting for you, and one tall man with intense brown eyes and dark brown hair pulled back with a strand in his face."Welcome to Los Noches. I am the creator, Lord Aizen."the man alisema in a soothing voice. Kanamae suddenly drops down to a bow."Please come with me."Lord Aizen alisema as he gestures toward the halls. Lord Aizen brings wewe to a room with a long white meza, jedwali filled with the Espada, except for your brother Ulquiorra and one other member. Aizen sits down and introduces wewe to the Espada members individually."Ulquiorra and Grimmjow will be back in a moment, It seems Grimmjow wanted to ask him something."Aizen says in a fatherly manner. wewe feel a swell of anger rise inside you. How dare he take your brother away from you, this Grimmjow. All of a sudden the doors open and Ulquiorra steps in, wewe rush to hug him. At first he is stunned then he wraps his arms around you.

After what seemed to be about five dakika Grimmjow steps in and sits down inayofuata to you. wewe feel the warmth radiating off of him. And wewe are stunned kwa how dashing he is."Excuse me but may i please try something with you.It is a power of mine and i want to see the effects it will have on you."Aizen asks boldly.Ulquiorra shoots him a scowl then quickly goes back to his regular stare."Sure!" wewe say interested yet scared kwa this. wewe stand up and walk to a spot about five feet from him. Then he focuses his eyes on wewe after a few sekunde of awwwwwws and gasps.He says"How interesting wewe may sit back down."

After a couple of hours Aizen announced that wewe are going to be the 7th espada. wewe look towards Ulquiorra who was clearly upset kwa this."I am afraid that we are a little short on rooms so wewe will have to bunk with Grimmjow."Out of all places with Grimmjow wewe think to yourself.Then wewe remember that since wewe thought wewe were to stay with yourself wewe packed fancy victoria secret laundry that wewe never got wear around the apartment.

Grimmjow escorts wewe to your room. wewe look around seeing that is tiny with two small beds."Well here it is."Grimmjow says giving wewe a weak smile."It's perfect!" wewe say trying to lighten up the mood."Why dont wewe go get dressed for the night."He mumbles. Then wewe nod. Trying to decide which shows less, wewe notice harmones are going crazy. Your moyo is beating fast and your legs are weak.Finally wewe decide on the nice slimming black piece which had lace but not too much. wewe walk back to the room as wewe look for Grimmjow he pops up from behind the kitanda in one black under shati with white boxers. He gulps and there is an awkward silence between the both of you.

wewe sit on the kitanda blushing, while trying to comb your hair.Then wewe walk to the bath room too brush your teeth, he follows wewe in. When wewe are done brushing your teeth wewe two stare at each other. All of a sudden wewe lunge yourself towards him and he grabs wewe in his arms. wewe two kiss passionately with force. Then wewe stop him. He looks at wewe in confusion.