"Grimmjow,"You say."You know my brother would never approve of this." He hesitates for moment then he says." I know.Dammit i just can't help myself!"You both head back to the room.Yet of course wewe both run into Nnoitra.He is stunned then an evil grin forms on his face. Suddenly Grimmjow pulls wewe kwa the hand back to the room. Then there is a knock at the door, Ulquiorra steps in he pauses looking at you, then points a finger at Grimmjow. A cero forms at the point of his finger tip, and blasts Grimmjow out of the room and out into the dark-tinted sand outside. Ulquiorra follows him outside in a dash, while Grimmjow struggles to get up wewe realize that all wewe could do is watch, helplessly.

After a few cuss words and dangerous stabs with swords wewe decide that wewe can't take anymore."No!!"you scream. They both stop and look at you. Then wewe notice your body starts to heat up with energy. Your body glows a shade of blue almost the same color as Grimmjow"s hair. Then beams of light shoot off you. Soon Grimmjow and Ulquiorra realizes that this is a full body cero.!You suddenly feel arms around you,finding out that this is Grimmjow wewe calm down.Feeling light headed wewe lay your head on Grimmjow's shoulder and drift towards the inky blackness.

wewe wake up to find yourself laying in Grimmjow's arms. Your head on his chest. He was in a deep sleep not snoring at all.Bonus! wewe think to yourself. A knock disrupts the silence and Grimmjow wakes up, pretending wewe were still a sleep he lays wewe gently down on the bed. He anwsers the door finding out that it was Aizen along with Yammi, Szyial, Nnoitra, and Stark. Nnoitra had an evil grin on his face. they all stepped inside making the room feel even zaidi crowded.

For the past half saa Aizen maswali Grimmjow about the responsibilities that come with having a beautiful female in the same room as him. Grimmjow understood and was very laid back about this. Then wewe decide to wake up.aizen says good morning to wewe then with all te espada leaves the room.

Grimmjow heaves in a deep breathe."Are wewe alright?"you ask guiltly."Me?Of course...."he replies."then again i wish i could have done something before."
"What?" wewe ask.Grimmjow jumps on your kitanda and kneels down to kiss wewe passionately. This kiss lasted about 20 seconds,you counted in your head.You stop gasping for air.You two make out forcefully and brooding for the past hour.Then wewe are called to train.