wewe wake up in the mornning feeling great!Looking around wewe see that Grimmjow is peacefully sleeping, his arms around you. A knock ruins the peacful moment, Grimmjow is up in a sekunde already dressed he opens the door and makes a movement to wewe behind his back to get dressed and fast!You run into the bathroom and get dressed.When wewe walk back wewe see Aizen in the room Loly and Menoly behind him.
"Aizen! What are wewe doing here?!"you ask in shock.
"It seems that Loly has volunteered to keep gaurd kwa your room for a couple nights. It seems she thinks something might come and break in!"Aizen alisema chuckling
Grimmjow shoots a dirty look across the room to Loly.
" Of course we will accept!We would be honored if wewe would guard this room!"You say looking over to Grimmjow who was clearly angry kwa this
"Then its settled Loly wewe will guard this room 24/7."Aizen says in a pleased manner.

It was night again and wewe figure that wewe would go get dinner.As wewe step into the jikoni arms grab you.Then wewe see a boy who's hair was a deep blue and very spiky. wewe look at him in confusion.When wewe blink wewe see that no one was there.

wewe enter the room Grimmjow has some cards in his hands.
"Something to entertain us."He looks at wewe hungry.Well i think i could teach wewe a game!"
"You can try."he adds.
the inayofuata half saa yout two sip some ramen, mashua noodles from one cup.(your not so hungry)And wewe try to teach him poker but he just doesn't get.

"Ha!Thats got to be good, right! Grimmjow yells in triumph.
"Actually wewe just lost."you say in a playful manner.
"damn!"he says
"why dont we go to sleep now?"
"okay!"he perks up.
Loly comes in.
"Just thought i heard something suspicous!I better stay in here!"
"Shouldn't mbwa be kept outside?"Grimmjow says irritated.
"Ha Ha,Grimmjow your just jealous because Lord Aizen thinks higher of me than you!"Loly says in a confidence
"i dont need this."Grimmjow says in a mad tone.
"listen wewe can stay here as long as wewe don-"
wewe fall on the floor un consious

wewe see a boy in your arms(the same one wewe saw earlier)yet he is a baby.Then wewe notice Aizen hugging wewe and Grimmjow hates and......