wewe wake up in the infirmary.You feel sick to your stomach. Ulquiorra is sitting inayofuata to wewe a worried look on his face, yet still mixed with the usual stare.There are moniters all over you.Your frustrated because wewe know he is not going to talk to you.

wewe lay there stressed.Then wewe hear a brief moment of sound outside the door. Stark walks in "Yo, Ulquiorra aizen wants to see you."
"Alright i'll go." Ulquiorra says reluctantly.
As he leaves the room with Stark wewe get up.Only to find out that the monitors around wewe were falling off and creating a loud beeping noise! A servant rushes in and quickly explains the consequences of doing this in your unstable state.
Yet wewe still get up and walk. The air stinks of aniseptics and alcohol.You wrinkle your nose in disgust and quickly get out of there.

As wewe run to your room wewe notice something different wewe feel stronger,faster,more powerful than wewe have ever felt before!Something was going on and wewe were sure of it....