It's fall again and the weather is getting cold. It's time to duka for some new sweatshirts and hoodies for the coming cold days. If wewe don't want to go out for shopping like me, here are some online stores I usually go may can help you.


You'll be surprised kwa the unbeatable prices of their hoodies. I also like their fast shipping sevice even I choosed free shipping ——in most cases free shipping always means can't-be-more-slower-shipping.


Small online store like tshirtsky has it's weak point, wewe want a hoodie wewe saw on TV, then wewe go to tshirtsky and enter the hoody's name on tafuta form ——then..nothing! that's why I want to recommend Amazon, which is a really big store, wewe can buy anything there except real people.

3, Ebay

If wewe want some hoody special,I mean really special that no one else has, then wewe should check out Ebay. There wewe can buy a custom made hoodie, au bid some exclusive hoodies.

Do wewe have wewe own inayopendelewa online stores to duka for fall essentials? Let me know on comments.