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Article by CamiieDicaprio posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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αriel: I'm affraid that someday, wewe may upendo another girl.
αlαddin: of course I'll upendo another girl.... In 10 years. And she'll call wewe "mommy"

αlαddin: I'm a Superhero , Guess what is my name!

αlαddin:Remember if I go, I will never forget wewe and upendo wewe and if I go is to look like having your heart
αriel: wewe will always have my moyo i promise.

αlαddin:would be the perfect crime to steal your moyo and wewe steal mine?
αriel:already did!

αlαddin:you know that two people are never away?
αriel: What do wewe mean?

αlαddin: are always under the same sky as wewe and me ♥