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 Alan photoshoot :*
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alan rickman
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This Alan Rickman picha might contain picha, headshot, and closeup.

Its not mine i didn't create i found it all the credits go to link

1.Ask Alan Rickman to autograph a body part.

2. Follow him around town like a crazed fan. Finally ask him, "Are wewe really Alan Rickman?" When he says yes, say, "Oh, I thought wewe were someone else," and walk away.

3. Tell him how sexy his pinky finger is.

4. Pinch his butt. Then act like he pinched you.

5. Run after him screaming, "Daddy!"

6. Walk up to him with a huge chemistry textbook and say, "Professor Snape? Can wewe please help me with my Potions homework?"

7. Instead of asking him to autograph a picture au DVD, ask him to autograph...
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