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This All My Children picha contains picha, headshot, and closeup. There might also be kuvutia, rufaa, hotness, and mvuto.

Monday November 29:

Erica expresses her concern for Kendall to Jack.

Greenlee, Ryan and Emma share Thanksgiving chajio, chakula cha jioni together.

Family and Marafiki go to Spike’s pageant.

Tuesday November 30:

Erica is taken to the police station.

Asher accepts JR’s invitation to jiunge the family for thanksgiving dessert.

Madison faints in Ryan’s arms.

Asher turns to Colby for info on Adam.

Asher is busted for speeding.

Caleb works through the holiday.

Wednesday December 1:

Caleb helps Erica in a jam.

Amanda tries to get Griffin to tell her about Jake’s experience in Doctors Without Borders.

Liza tells Jackson...
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Monday December 6:

Kendall tells Greenlee she must face what lies ahead alone.

Kendall agrees to plan a memorial for Zack.

JR assures Annie that his time spent with Marissa is only a ploy to get custody of AJ.

Erica warns Liza.

Marissa tells Caleb about her meeting with JR.

Tuesday December 7:

Frankie expresses his frustration towards Ryan for hurting Madison.

Amanda maswali Jake on his constant suspicion of Griffin.

Frankie has news for Madison.

Wednesday December 8:

Loved ones gather for Zach’s memorial service.

Ryan consoles Spike over Zach’s death.

Caleb and Asher share an emotional moment....
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Monday June 7:

Scott threatens the blogger.

Annie taunts JR.

Liza pays someone to seduce Damon.

Tuesday June 8:

David and Jake are taken down to the PVPD.

Ryan and Greenlee share a moment.

Amanda and Greenlee crash the bachelor party.

Liza takes over when jimmy, hunitumia can't get the job done.

Damon takes Liza home.

Wednesday June 9:

Greenlee makes a confession about Erica.

Angie collapses.

Jake and Amanda get married.

Thursday June 10:

Tad and Liza kiss.

Krystal and Jackson jiunge forces to find Erica.

Angie reassures Jesse she is feeling fine.

Friday June 11:

Damon is frustrated about Colby’s change of...
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Monday June 14:

Damon is frustrated about Colby’s change of heart.

Greenlee backs up David's story.

Liza gets a scandalous text.

David and Greenlee are free to go.

Liza walks in on Colby and Damon.

Tuesday June 15:

Erica holds Caleb at gunpoint.

Bianca threatens Greenlee.

JR wants to sleep with Annie.

Wednesday June 16:

Erica falls into a pit.

Jackson and Krystal find Caleb’s cabin

Jesse worries about Angie’s health.

Thursday June 17:

Jack looks for Erica.

Opal has a warning for David

Caleb disappears.

Friday June 18:

Angie takes a pregnancy test.

Liza has a panic attack

Brot shuts down.

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Monday October 11:

Scott makes an admission to Caleb.

Colby blames Annie for all the problems within her family.

Ryan insists he be put on the stand.

Erica meets Asher.

Kendall strategizes with Ryan.

Scott takes action.

Tuesday October 12:

Liza’s attempts to connect with Colby fall flat.

Scott gets taken down to the station.

Caleb and Jackson reconcile.

Wednesday October 13:

Madison helps Kendall and Greenlee avoid the press.

Krystal helps Angie change her mind.

A witness claims he saw Ryan running out of David’s hotel room the siku he died.

Thursday October 14:

Opal is upset with Scott for betraying...
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