so i was just hanging around the internet, checking for info on A&O 3 and 4, then in IMDb i saw that somebody listed a orodha of 12 songs for A&O 2. now i got no idea if these songs r actually the soundtrack of the movie, but i did heard that they were originally gonna use this songs in it, but the movie couldn't b longer than 45 mins, so they didn't use any of them. here's the orodha (and none of the songs were listed in the end credits since they didn't use em in the movie):

"No Life After You" kwa Daughtry
"Early Winter" kwa Gwen Stefani
"Ready" kwa Australian Idol Final 13
"They Don't Care About Us" kwa Michael Jackson
"I Found You" kwa The Wanted
"Learn to upendo Again" kwa Lawson
"Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" kwa Train
"Goin' Back to Indiana" kwa The Jackson 5
"I Need wewe Tonight" kwa The Backstreet Boys
"Wonderful krisimasi Time" kwa Wings
"Shake Up Christmas" kwa Train
"Whatya Want From Me" kwa Adam Lambert

IMDb still has the orodha and like i said, somebody told me that these songs were gonna b used in the movie, but thanx to the really short run time, they didn't use any of the songs. but i'd say it would've been great if they used 1 of em (like "No Life After You" au "Shake Up Christmas" au "Wonderful krisimasi Time")