Runt: God, what large teeth wewe have!
Princess: wewe look cold.
Runt: No... well, just... (shivers) Okay, i'm freezing.
Princess: And probably hungry.
Runt: I... i'm a picky eater... just warning you.
(Princess throws him a steak)
Runt: But i can be flexible.
(Runt eats the steak)
Runt: Mmm, yummy! (burps and smiles cutely; gives the rest of the steak, mnofu to Princess)
Princess: Why aren't wewe eating the rest? Don't wewe know how scarce meat is?
Runt: I was leaving the other half for you. wewe know, like sharing. I guess it's an Omega thing.
Princess: When we have a kill, those who eat are those who fight for it.
Runt: And i'm sure the pups do really well under that scenario.
Princess: (growls at him) The *Alpha* pups do! Stay there. It'll be warmer.

Kate: Okay, parents first dinner. Let's get this place in order. Oh Humphrey, can wewe songesha the log board to the wall?
Humphrey: Baby, this is where we fell in love.
Kate: I know. Against the wall.
(Humphrey pushes the log a little bit)
Kate: Completely against the wall.
Humphrey: I don't know, i think the angle makes it a little less...
(Kate pushes the log to the wall)
Humphrey: Militant?
Kate: Oh yeah, and i almost forgot. Can wewe retrieve the buried bones?
Humphrey: Retrieve? As in "dig them up"?
Kate: Right, where i buried them.
Humphrey: Kate, we're serving bones. Our first dinner.
Kate: (gasps) Are wewe criticizing my chajio, chakula cha jioni choice?!
Humphrey: No, hell no. Not at all. Bones have lots of... roughage. (nervous chuckle)
Kate: Humphrey, dear. Just dig!
Humphrey: Damn! What am i? The family pet?
Salty: (walks in) hujambo Humphrey. Nice digs!
Humphrey: What the hell, man? Don't get me started!
Salty: Heh, looks like wewe already have. How's life as an Alpha?
Humphrey: Efficient.
Salty: That's totally what we thought?
Humphrey: "We"?
Salty: The guys. We thought wouldn't it be cool to take our Omega brother to the wild berry patch.
Humphrey: (with a bone in his mouth) Yeah, right. I'm not really a shabiki of berries.
Salty: Fermented berries.
Humphrey: (drops the bone) I upendo berries!
Kate: Oh, hi Salty. Humphrey, did wewe find all the...?
Humphrey: (interrupting her) Hey, Kate. I got an idea here. How about a few berries to go with the dry....
Kate: Huh?
Humphrey: Uh... i mean, the delicious and nutritious marrow. (nervously to Salty) Right, Salty?
(they both howl)
Humphrey: Come on, baby. What do ya say? (begs like a puppy)
Kate: Uh... Humphrey, you're begging.
Humphrey: Sorry, damn instinct.

Kate: (spotting the rogues taking Runt hostage) They're going to Banff. We gotta songesha now!
Winston: Listen, it'll be nightfall soon. Let's prepare a contingent and go at siku break.
Humphrey: We can't wait. We know this valley.
Tony: This is rogues. They will have a lotta wolves.
Lilly: This is what they want. Lure us to the other side and then attack.
Garth: I'll go organize everybody.