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Opinion by TimberHumphrey posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
fan of it?
Humphrey: [he, Lilly and Runt come back from Shadow Forest] Hi Eve.
Lilly: Hi mom
Eve: There wewe are! Why are wewe so late? Dinner's gotten cold.
Humphrey: Runt had an... incident.
Runt: [laying on Humphrey's back, trembling his legs] Dad, i'm fine!
Kate: What did wewe see?
Runt: Nothing.
Tony: [struggles in his sleep] Stay away! Stay away!
Claudette: Something got your fur, manyoya in a bunch?
Stinky: Little bro, you're... you're as pale as a coyote.
Runt: A coyote? [scoofs] Really?
Stinky: Hey, did wewe alert the critters that the Omegas are the new kings of the forest?
Runt: No. I will tomorrow
Kate: I think a different field trip is probably a good idea
Runt: [gasps]
Humphrey: Kate baby, it's not a bad place to explore.
Lilly: Yeah. Critters everywhere.
Eve: I have an idea. Let's all go. We can do a hunt. [growls] And afterwards have a picnic.

Runt: [climbs the mti in front of Saw Tooth Cave]
Opinion by TimberHumphrey posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
fan of it?
oh hell yea! it's finally out! so yeah, like most wewe guys know, we (the A&O fans) finally got the trailer to Alpha and Omega 4: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave. and honestly all i can say is: it's AWESOME! so the trailer follows pretty much what the story's about: the haunted Saw Tooth Cave. it's Halloween time and Runt goes to explore the cave where he finds out another wolf. the movie has a really great story, but the trailer makes it even better. first of all, the uhuishaji looks really good in this one, it almost tops the uhuishaji of the first movie. the graphics look great, they actually did a really good job with the textures on the characters fur, manyoya this time, the lighting seems a lot better (A&O 3 did have good lighting, but it had a few problems) and it looks like we get to see some awesome special effects here. so i'm really glad they're getting better with the animation. also, don't get fooled kwa the cover cause even though they're not in the cover, Kate and Humphrey are still in the movie. don't believe me? watch the trailer, they're clearly in the movie. but what really caught me off guard and surprised me, it's that this is probably the first trailer with...