Humphrey: [he, Lilly and Runt come back from Shadow Forest] Hi Eve.
Lilly: Hi mom
Eve: There wewe are! Why are wewe so late? Dinner's gotten cold.
Humphrey: Runt had an... incident.
Runt: [laying on Humphrey's back, trembling his legs] Dad, i'm fine!
Kate: What did wewe see?
Runt: Nothing.
Tony: [struggles in his sleep] Stay away! Stay away!
Claudette: Something got your fur, manyoya in a bunch?
Stinky: Little bro, you're... you're as pale as a coyote.
Runt: A coyote? [scoofs] Really?
Stinky: Hey, did wewe alert the critters that the Omegas are the new kings of the forest?
Runt: No. I will tomorrow
Kate: I think a different field trip is probably a good idea
Runt: [gasps]
Humphrey: Kate baby, it's not a bad place to explore.
Lilly: Yeah. Critters everywhere.
Eve: I have an idea. Let's all go. We can do a hunt. [growls] And afterwards have a picnic.

Runt: [climbs the mti in front of Saw Tooth Cave]
Hello? [the mbwa mwitu ghost appears behind him] Um... excuse me... sorry to bother wewe so late. I need to tell wewe something.
Daria: Come here.
[Runt jumps off the mti and gets in the cave]
Runt: [quietly and softly] Are wewe hiding from another pack?
Daria: Yes, because... uhhh....
Runt: Because a mbwa mwitu who can't see isn't considered useful to some?
Daria: Yes. [looks down with a sad face]
Runt: Then how did wewe know where my brother was that day?
Daria: I heard a splash. And well, i have other talents.
Floyd: How did wewe get up here?
[they hear Lyle and Link barking outside]
Daria: wewe brought them?
Runt: No! I came to warn you. They'll come after you.
Daria: wewe know how to get to Rabbit Poo Mountain, right?
Runt: Yeah.
Daria: Can wewe take me there?
Floyd: What the hell? Daria, are wewe kidding? He's a pup!
Runt: I'm not a pup!
[short pause; Floyd raises his eyebrow]
Runt: I-i just look like one. My name's Runt. W-what's at Rabbit Poo Mountain?
[flashback of Daria's back-story of how Daria was kicked outta her pack as a pup]
Head Wolf: [watches Daria, who can't see where she's going] She can't possibly raises future hunters when one of those pups is...
[Daria runs head-first into a log; Head mbwa mwitu growls and comes closer to kill her; Daria's mom saves her and runs away]
Head Wolf: It is the way of the pack! [chases after them]

Marcel: Paddy, enough with that!
Paddy: [swimming in a like] I need to get it out of my system!
Humphrey: [grossed out] Oh my god! Is that what you're doing? I drink outta this damn lake!
Marcel: Unlucky you. Paddy, Humphrey has a task for us. Hurry!
Paddy: Will the stuffed goose, bata bukini stop bloody pressuring me?!

Winston: [at Alpha school] Alphas, the first rule in a hunt is to control your fears.
Stinky: But Winston, great leader. We're the wolves, they're the pray. What do we have to fear?
Claudette: [teasingly] Stinky, is that mud on your snout au is it always brown?
Stinky: Claudette, shut the hell up! [turns to Winston] As future leader of the pack, i'll lead.
Claudette: Oh please!
Stinky: I'm faster, stronger...
Claudette: [interrupting him] Clumsier.
Winston: Claudette, Stinky. Fear will be natural, but wewe must control au it'll destroy you.
Claudette: wewe got that, bro?
Stinky: Yeah, did you?
Winston: Alphas, take your positions!
[the Alpha mtoto wa mbwa take their hunting positions; Runt's in the back]
Winston: Runt, this is Alpha school. You're supposed to be in Omega school.
Runt: [in dismay] Awww, but grandpa Winston, i wanna hunt! I may be small but i'm fearless.
Kate: [calls at him] hujambo fearless. wewe get over here right now.
Runt: Oh crap! [hides in the grass]
Humphrey: Runt buddy. Listen to your mother
Runt: Why should i, dad? wewe never do!
Kate: Aunt Lilly has a fabulous field trip planned for Omega school.
Runt: [peaking his head out] Alphas get to hunt and the Omegas go on field trips. Please! [hides in the grass]
Lilly: We're going to an ecological phenomenon: Shadow Forest.
Tony: [gasps]
Runt: Shadow Forest? Cool! Isn't that haunted?
Lilly: Just a myth, and that was a long time ago.
Tony: Did i just hear wewe were going to Shadow Forest?
Lilly: Yeah. I was there yesterday. It's fine, it's teaming with life.
Claudette: Code for food!
[Stinky nods]

Runt: [runs up as Head mbwa mwitu follows Kate and Daria] Hi, uh... Have wewe seen my mommy?
Head Wolf: Oh, little pup. Isn't that her with...?
Humphrey: [laughing nervously] Hi there. Runt, come on now. Let's not both mr. King.
Lois: Hey, wait!
Kate: Yes?
Lois: You're Daria, aren't you?
[Daria looks down a little afraid]
Lois: It's okay. I just wanted to say hi
Daria: Who are you?
Head Wolf: You're married to Winston's daughter. You're an Omega, right?
Humphrey: Uh, last time i checked. Well, it looks like we've taken too much of your good time. I mean, you're king of Rabbit Poo Mountain, and... [sniffs] Mmm. God, smell that fresh poo.
Lois: Daria, mom never made it back. But i want wewe to know she loved you. She bowed to protect all of us.
Daria: [about to cry] I needed to hear that.
Lois: The rules of this pack are still the same, but maybe i can come visit your pack sometime.
Humphrey: [sees Kate and Daria leave] Runt, shall we? [to the Head Wolf] See ya, dude. [they both walk away]

Kate: [sighs] Pups, enough with that forest! Can't wewe stick to chasing butterflies in the valley?
Claudette: Huh?
Kate: au playing in front of the cave?
Stinky: Playing what?
Kate: Well, wewe could play.... howl.
Stinky: Oh wewe mean like howling *every* damn 15 dakika so wewe can locate us?
Kate: [giggles nervously] No. On the saa will do.
Claudette: [scoofs] Yeah. What's next, the leash?

Freida: For god sake, don't wewe Mbwa mwitu loups know when to quit?
Kate: Have wewe seen a small wolf? Runt?
Fran: Yeah.
Humphrey: Well, where is he?
Fran: He's fine. He's on a mission.
Kate: What kind of a mission? Where?
Fran: Can't say.
Kate: This is our son!
Freida: Not our problem.
Kate: wewe two better type up au you'll be our future appetizers! [growls and shows teeth]
Freida: Oh, now we see where the daughter got her obnoxious personality from.
Fran: Mmhmm.
Humphrey: Look, i get it. You're uchungu, chungu because wewe have quills on your asses and no one wants to touch you.
[Freida and Fran gasp]
Humphrey: But, we need to find our pup. NOW!!!
Freida: First of all, Runt is NOT a pup. He is a stand-up wolf.
Fran: And he's helping a friend of ours. Okay?
[they both turn their backs]