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Alpha and Omega Swali

if wewe were to make a "Worst of Brent" list, which scenes would wewe put in?

 TimberHumphrey posted siku 29 zilizopita
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Alpha and Omega Majibu

QueenWhiskey said:
Every scene he's in. He's the worst character to ever exist. He should be written out of the whole entire franchise. au at least killed
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posted siku 29 zilizopita 
SentinelPrime89 said:
1. The bathroom song in A&O 5
2. His bird phobia moment in A&O 3
3. Falling through the ice in A&O 7

He's the worst character of the sequels but strangely out of his own sequences, these are the only three that come to mind where I just can't stand him.
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posted siku 28 zilizopita 
Bobsheaux said:
All of them.
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posted siku 7 zilizopita 
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