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If Alpha and Omega was PG-13 what would be the story?

 AlphaGirl55 posted miezi 6 iliyopita
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Alpha and Omega Majibu

Bobsheaux said:
The story as it is could work as a PG-13 movie, aliyopewa a few tweeks.

-The first major plot point is the fact that the mbwa mwitu packs are suffering through a chakula shortage. We need to see one of the weaker pups wither and die from starvation, making Winston zaidi desperate for a way to end the crisis.

-There could be some OTHER Mbwa mwitu loups who got captured along with Kate and Humphrey. Once they discover their reasons for being brought to Idaho, they take their roles as repopulators a LITTLE TOO SERIOUSLY, and Kate-Humph have to fight them off before she becomes an unwilling mother.

-Wolves are carnivores. No sense in dancing around the tembo in the room that these characters are all KILLERS. There's no need to go overboard on the gore factor, but the movie shouldn't be afraid to onyesha them eating meat.
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posted miezi 6 iliyopita 
Much less chumming up with waterfowl lol
NemesisPrime92 posted miezi 6 iliyopita
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