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posted by lillyomega22881
Humphrey and Kate loved eachother. after an adventure in Idiho they got married. it was kate's birthday and Humphrey wanted to get a special gift to express his upendo for her. him and his brother in law went out to find Kate a gift. " how about a caribou skin rug?" suggested Garth. " no it's not good enough." alisema Humphrey. " umm I know a kubeba skin rug!" shouted Garth. " bro that's the exact same thing." frowned humphry. " I know a goose, bata bukini rug!" alisema Garth proudly.
"DUDE IM NOT GETTING HER A RUG!" yelled humphrey.
"how old is Kate now?" asked Garth. " twenty two." replyed Humphrey. " wait. I know what I'm going to get her!" shouted Humphrey. "garth wewe can go nyumbani now." alisema Humphrey. Garth sprinted across the field to mount alpha. Humphrey went to town and went into the florests store. " hello what can I help wewe with?" asked the florets. " I'd like twenty one pink roses." alisema Humphrey. the mbwa mwitu handed him twenty one roses. " and I'd like one pink fake rose." alisema Humphrey. "ok that comes up to $12 sir!" alisema the mbwa mwitu cheerfully. Humphrey payed and ran nyumbani to Kate. "Kate happy 22nd birthday!" alisema Humphrey happily. "oh my gosh thank you!" alisema Kate. she was in full make up. " why are wewe all done up?" asked Humphrey. " my moms taking me for peticures and manicures." alisema Kate. "and then your taking me to chajio, chakula cha jioni right?" asked Kate. "I would never forget!" "here is your gift." alisema Humphrey handing Kate the potted roses. "oh there beautiful." alisema Kate. " this is zaidi than just some roses." alisema Humphrey. "there are 21 real roses and one fake one. the 21 roses will fade away but the 22nd rose will never wilt. and I will upendo wewe till the last rose dies" alisema Humphrey. kate started to cry. "oh Kate you'll ruin your makeup." "it's ok" weeped Kate. Humphrey and Kate rubbed noses.
I upendo wewe till the last rose dies.
posted by metalwolf116
(this is a song dedicated to hank666 and his zombies, this song is created kwa metalwolf and metalwolf only and it is protected kwa copy right and any violation of this song will result in death and au WORSE!!!)


dripping flesh
bright dead eyes
adorned kwa death
and swirling flies

up from the grave
dirt in its teeth
chained like a slave
quick like the thief

BRIDGE (spoken):
and as it walks up from hell
hanging around it was a putrid smell
a rib au two across the skin
flesh hanging, teeth a grin

(whole band) RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!
run for wewe life as the death walks up to you
the infectious...
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posted by REDWolfleader
I went to the forest and wondered a bit. Then I found another valley,
"Well... Lets see if anyone here wants to join." I alisema to myself as I walked into the valley. I saw a male walk by,
"Excuse me, Can wewe point me were wewe leader's pango is?"
"Yeah, it's right up that slope." I walked up the slope he pointed to and met the leader.
"Hello, I haven't seen wewe around here before."
"Hi. I was wondering if I could gather some soldiers for an army I'm building."
"Really? Well go ahead and ask around." So I went around and asked everyone I saw, but, only three people volunteered, Caboose, Church, Simmons,and...
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posted by REDWolfleader
My dad started up the car and started for his apartment.
"So dad,"
"can Kate sleep in my room tonight?"
"Hmmmmm... Well I don't see why not."
"Thank wewe daddy!"(yes i call him that)
"No problem buddy... But there's one exception..."
"Yah dad?"
"You need to play some games with me while i'm home!"
"Well... I can do that!" We both laughed,
"Can I play some games too?" Kate asked,
"If wewe know how to play 'Monopoly' then yah!"
"What's Monopoly?" we pulled in our driveway,
"C'mon. I'll onyesha you," we got to the apartment and I got out the 'Monopoly' game.
"Monopoly is a long game my mom hates this game!"we played until it was time to go to bed.
Humphrey sat awake in his hospital kitanda he began to hear the door creak open.

"Hey sexy!"

Kate immediately climbed into the kitanda with him he began to stroke her fur

"So who's gonna start?"

"I guess I will"

Kate could feel him getting a boner under the blanket she crawled under the blanket with him he began to put his dick in her. She shivered and moaned with pleasure.

" C'mon give it to me hard!"

Humphrey thruster harder and faster into her. She moaned and moaned with pleasure.

" Kate I can feel it coming!"

Humphrey cummed into her she panted and stroked his fur, manyoya too. She kissed him on the lips and went...
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The title says it all. Out of the entire series, this is probably my inayopendelewa scene of Eve. (I deleted this so I could re-upload it on YouTube because I realized I cut off the beginning of it when Eve was talking.)
Mbwa mwitu loups
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This is a muziki video that I recently put together. Enjoy and i do not own anything that has to do with Owl City au Alpha and Omega.
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So it was monday after humphrey gig yesterday and humphrey was already up uandishi a song and it woke kate she came over and took a look over his shoulder and fond him uandishi a song of revenge to garth she just went and cooked breakfast and humphrey just sat there he was so into writng that he didn't notice he was stabbing him self with the pencil then he finished didn't even stop for break fast he went to his corvet and took off[the song is inayofuata cause he arrives at garth and lilly's den]

Sounds of someone puking]

There I go--thinking of wewe again

You don't know how sick wewe make me...
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I simply loved this teaser trailer ! This movie is gonna be awesome ! It's a shame that it's coming only in 2016 :(
posted by LillyOmega2
I'm starting this as my two A&O zombie fanfics are almost complete and wanted to get my inayofuata idea known on

This will not be an entirely original fanfic. I'm doing what I did to A&O2 with A&O4: turning the movie into a story and adding my own scenes to it. And this will also be darker than the movie was. I will also try to include Princess in this story as I wished she'd been in the movie, even though I liked it so much that I enjoyed it better than the original. I have an idea that may work.

And this is my only warning: DO NOT READ THIS IF wewe HAVE NOT SEEN ALPHA AND OMEGA:...
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my angry rant on swan Princess 5
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