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humphreys pov

cloase to winter

life is perfect i have my parents a gorgeous mate great Marafiki beautiful children and a marvelous place to live nothing could get beter but winters coming and soon the herds will leave and i fear we are not prepared "humphrey" kate called "coming" humphrey alisema i walked over to kate "hey humphrey we have to go to a meeting okay" kate alisema "okay" humphrey alisema we got to th meeting "winter is apon us we need to start the great hunt okay we are going to do the samething we did lastt mwaka with the rounds okay songesha out" garth alisema we began the great hunt which occurs once a mwaka so that the pack my survive but i still tink we are unprepared "kate i have a feeling that we are unprepared for the winter this year" humphrey alisema "why would wewe say that "kate asked "i dont know its just a feeling" humphrey alisema
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It was near sunset in Jasper Park, Canada. The end of a fun-filled winter snow siku for Western pack leaders Kate and Humphrey and their large family of adolescent children and inlaws. Kate looked up at the sky, feeling snowflakes hit her face and watching the sun slowly going down. She turned her head to the right and faced her Omega pack-mate. "We better get nyumbani now au Mom will pitch a fit. wewe know her paranoia of hypothermia and frostbite and all that shit. I mean, come one... We have fur." Kate laughed.
Humphrey chuckled and nodded. "Kate, she means well. She's just a little..." He trailed...
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Ok I promes I won't tell" Claudette said
Ok" Runt replied
nyasi, nyasi kavu wewe two" stinky said
What do wewe want" Runt asked
For wewe to stop cussing at me" stinky said
Fuck you" runt replied
Go hug a tree" stinky alisema harshly
Runt then punched his brother to the ground
A lot of fight for an omega" stinky mocked
Runt wrapped his hands on his brother's neck and choked him
Runt...stop" stinky begged
Runt saw blood on his hands
Oh shit bro sorry"runt said
Its Ok'' alisema stinky

The end
Ok this was just to onyesha how strong runt is now
He will assassinate zaidi people later I promes
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Here's Chapter 1. This is gonna be an important chapter. Enjoy.

It was nighttime at the Northern Pack as Nars watched his pups sleep. He was still thinking about his meeting with Daria earlier that afternoon. Nars felt really bad for how he treated her. What's worse was that he didn't even admit that it was pretty much all his fault. At least Daria had the reasonable explanation that she couldn't see him.

Shaking his head, Nars decided to go to sleep. At that moment he had an idea; maybe he could stay at the Western Pack after dropping his kids off tomorrow and look for Daria and apologize to...
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Is hutch OK'' Rocko asked
He's fine he lead your squad to victory'' Winston said
Wow its over'' Rocko sighed
He could live happy now but he liked having a job
Rocko looked in the news paper
Local pizzeria needs night guard
This will work'' he said
You must be Rocko'' the manniger said
Yes sir'' Rocko said
Let's see wewe served in the US armed forces
You Lost your right eye
Lost your right arm
The manniger looked at his silver arm
You got your Carrie and conseal and FOID card
You are 5'11
178 lb
Birth tarehe is ... 1987
You are known to smoke
And injury's
Shot multiple times
And wewe escaped forms...
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Pretty much the theatrical trailer with a slightly altered ending.
alpha and omega
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