The bus made it to parris island Humphrey Garth and Lilly got off the bus as ordered kwa the drill sergeant, once they all got in line the drill sergeants inspected Their stuff for any drugs and other restricted items, they were aliyopewa a good meal their combat uniforms which lasted the whole f**king day, and got a chance to sleep because the inayofuata siku will be a long day,
At 4:oo am in the morning the drill sergeant walked in,GOOD MORNING RECRUITS THIS IS YOUR ALARM CLOCK SPEAKING! he shouted Garth and Humphrey got up while Lilly got up sekunde in the female side of the base.once they all got up they had to do a very long jog, then they all got breakfast once they all finished they all had to fall in the drill sergeant told them what they will do in 12 weeks
week1 receiving
week2 in the barracks
week3 beneti, mtutu assault course
week4 pugil sticks
week5 mc map
week 6 rappelling (they will shoot wewe with live ammo while crawling under barbed wire)
week7 nyasi week
week8 fring week (the good parts of the week)
week9 the confidence course (team work)
week11 the crucldle
week12 emblem ceremony
During those 12 weeks of training Garth and Humphrey with some other recruits (including Kodi ,and Balto) were treated like crap (they do that to get wewe tough) mean while in the female side of the base Lilly took Nurse training to help the wounded, when 12 weeks passed, Humphrey got promoted to lance corporal, Garth got promotes to corporal, and Lilly got promoted to staff sergeant.
later they got to the c141 starlifter that will take them to Vietnam they flew to the west the cargo plane refueled several times one time in c California then kwa hickam afb then a air refueling over guam from a kc 135 stratotanker.
then 2 f4e phantoms flew in for escort till they landed in tan son nhut airbase when Garth ,Humphrey,and Lilly got off the plane Humphrey knew his life will change forever.
(to be continued)