"Connor!" a voice cried out "Connor get up,they're surrounding us and closing in!" the voice belonged to another mbwa mwitu who looked like Connor,but this mbwa mwitu was darker grey with almost black eyes and a red line down his back.It was Ezio,Connor's new friend,when they met a few weeks back when Ezio was seperated from his pack."Is Connor dead,is he alive!?" a girl's voice cried out just a few sekunde after.Her name was Maia,a pure white mbwa mwitu with glistening blue eyes."He's alive,barely.That fall was fatal,but if I knew one person who could survive it,it would be Connor!" Connor started to move,he stood up only to fall back down.His light grey fur, manyoya was stained crimson from blood.He had been knocked off the cliff,but he couldn't recall what had happened,only waking up on the ice."I can't songesha my legs,I think I broke them!" he was in pain from his hind legs,and the fact that there was a ringing in his ears wasn't helping. "Oh no,this is bad,this is bad,this is bad!"Ezio yelled out in fear as he tried to pull Connor away.But it was too late,he was jumped kwa a black mbwa mwitu with red eyes.They rolled down the kilima and out of sight,Connor was a sitting target,as he started to pull himself forward,he got hit kwa a claw and was knocked unconscious.
(Five Weeks earlier)
Connor was traveling to Canada,he heard of a pack who united and wondered if he would be accepted into it.This pack was the East and West,they unified after an Alpha fell in upendo with an Omega,and vice versa for another couple among the two.He heard the stories from lone Mbwa mwitu loups who lived among coyotes in the US,but he himself was a lone wolf,and that was why he was headed to Jasper Park,Canada.So he can finally fit in somewhere.He never knew his pack,and he was raised kwa a husky who mothered him since he was an innocent pup,but now he was a dangerous mbwa mwitu who wouldn't do tricks,unless the trick was to kill wewe while wewe weren't looking,then yeah I guess he does do tricks.While he climbed to the summit of the mountain,he saw a pack of wolves,going the same way he was,so he hid amongst the crowd.But a young mbwa mwitu like himself came up to him and alisema "Hi,my name is Ezio,what's yours?" alisema the cheery mbwa mwitu "Oh,hello my name is Connor,how are you?" he replied "I don't think I've seen wewe before,have I?" Ezio questioned "I am new to the pack,and soon all of us will be,to the pack of Alphas and Omegas.
(End of Part 1)
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