What is it mooch what did wewe want to tell me, well Kate I was walking looking for some chakula wewe know cause I was really hungry, right alisema Kate, then I heard some howling going on and well, right when I was going to tell her I saw Humphrey and lily howling together I though to my self why would I tell on Humphrey he's my best friend so then I told her, Kate I saw lily and Garth howling together but not to be mean but lily sounded different she sounded a little better and I just wanted to tell wewe what ever she did I want to do it so my howling can be better, wait, wait, wait, wait wewe alisema wewe saw lily and Garth howling, yeah, but did wewe see, see them au what, no I just heard them so ya I have to go bye. I ran out of her cave and though to my self why would I tell on Humphrey I would be a bad friend, but at least I though of something to tell her.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I kept talking to myself I kept saying what if mooch saw me howling with Garth and maybe he wanted me to know that he knows about it I was so scared what If he tells Humphrey I kept walking back and forth for about an saa just thinking I bet mooch Is telling him everything right now I kept thinking what will Humphrey do.

Wait salty wewe saw Kate howling with Garth yes saw them with my own eyes Humphrey, okay well is that all wewe came to say, I don't think wewe heard me Humphrey I saw them howling together, ya I heard wewe the first time I started to walk away but salty ran right in front of me, Humphrey what are wewe gonna do, nothing I alisema and walked away, nothing, nothing Humphrey what are wewe thinking she cheated on wewe Humphrey, okay look salty I cheated on Kate okay with her sister and I'm not mad cause I cheated to I mean I'm still cheating so just leave it, wait what, salty I mean it don't tell no one I mean no one not even our friends, okay, okay I won't I promise, thank you. No problem Humphrey. I stared at salty walking away and I though to myself I should just end the relationship but I want her to tell me first then we can end the relationship cause where both cheating maybe we belong with someone else maybe. I stared at the full moon and though maybe howling at the moon with lily was a bad idea like I tried so hard to be with Kate why did I cheat I loved Kate but I kinda like lily to but I just don't know what to do. I walked and walked I kept thinking to myself what should I do I need to pick someone before everyone gets hurt.

Lily: I was laying down thinking about what I did taking my sisters boyfriend but I couldn't help it I loved Garth and Humphrey but I just don't know what to do I need to tell Garth what happens maybe we can work this out maybe.

Garth: I though to myself lily I fell in upendo with her not Kate I just don't know what I did how could I cheat on lily with Kate and how can I do this to Humphrey I just can't help but think what should I do.

Kate: I looked at the moon I stared into the stars and remember when me and Humphrey howled at the moon for the first time on the train and how I wondered how could I cheat on Humphrey how could I. I felt so bad about what I did and how many people will get hurt my parents, Humphrey, lily, I just can't take it. Then I though I need to tell Humphrey everything I need to I ran out of the cave looking for Humphrey. To be continued.

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