"Your not Touching this crate Alive!"
Within blades of white snow under a setting sky, the clouds holding plumes of a gentle dhahabu sun, Balto sharply drew in the wind. He noticed the light the background, a shimmering nyota hidden within the trees of a mountain valley as well as the frosty blizzard.
Balto darted across the valley edge drawing closer to the lone twinkling on the light. nyota was the first to spot Balto as he spoke the wolfdog's name, the other mbwa looked and seemed thankful to see the wolfdog for once, all except Steele.
Steele snarled darkly to himself standing to watch the mutt look around. His eyes glared to the musher- Still unconsious- he realized that he still had the chance to be a hero, "Is anyone hurt?" Balto asked calmly. The wolfdog glanced around at all the dogs, noting the Unconcious musher.
"Everyone...is...FINE" Steele snarled darkly, feeling the snow pelt his muzzle. He seemed to turn, "What Are...YOU...doing here!?" he snarled darkly again, "Well I came to lead wewe home" Balto lifted the line connected to the sled, Beginning to tug it with him. He knew the musher was injured.
Steele slammed his paw down sharply onto the Line. "We don't need... YOUR...help! Mutt!" He snarled viciously, the insufferable pride gripping and gleaming in his eyes. One of the mbwa asked how Balto would get them nyumbani and he replied lowly, "Well...I marked the trail...Like this" Balto scratched a small mti to Demonstrate.
Steele jumped down against the dead tree. "We are able to get nyumbani on our own Half-Breed!" Steele snarled lowly. "Then let me take the Medicine back...They're getting sicker" Balto alisema turning to songesha towards the Sled and Medicine crate.
Steele darted kwa the medicine crate, Almost knocking it over. "We dont need YOUR...help!" he snarled once more. "Steele...Let me help you" Balto alisema trying to still get closer to the sled and crate. "No!" Steele growled knocking him back, the sled nearly slid backwards.
Balto groaned the other mbwa laughing and commenting as he slowly rose back to his paws making his way towards the crate saying lowly, "I don't want to fight..." Steele bit down at Balto throwing him away again. Steele stretched his shoulders, his eyes alisema it all, "Your not touching that crate alive!"
kwa now the other mbwa had sided with Balto shocked kwa Steeles action. But Balto got up but he felt Steele grab his tail as he was thrown hitting some rocks falling to the snow limp. The other mbwa mumbled and gasped as Balto rose to his paw shakily.
Steele shrouded the air with vicious snarls, the sharp sound almost yelling, "I'll kill you!" Steele took a stance again. Balto shook of the drowsiness although his vision was blackened on the edges, he merely moved as the large malamute lunged at him.
He felt the large Malamute latch onto jenna's bandana round his neck. He felt the Malamute tugging viciously and the knot slipping. Steele yelped at the cracking of a branch the pain ripped through his back as he let go of the bandana, the rag flagging high in the december wind. The first hit wasn't what Steele needed to worry about. A supple crack came after a sharp metal groan, His paw Tangled around a kuunganisha that dropped over the ledge-side breaking it harshly. He passed a sharp cry, a small tear for help when the blood from his paw slipped around the steel line.
One songesha of that paw and Steele would feel the rope tighten around his throat. Balto's eyes widened at this, "Steele!" he rushed to the edge seeing the incident and telling the other dogs, "He's Suffocating! Quickly help me cut the rope...we have to release the tension...he'll die!" Balto worked with a claw trying to help Steele he hated the malamute, but not to death.
"H-Help" Steele tried to cry out the Line slipped around his paw, grinding against the bone that was stuck out of it. The rope was slick from blood- already he felt the tension tighten around his neck- "Somebody please" His pride long gone he began to plead, "I-I don't want to die!...Please!"
Balto growled and tried biting the rope, "Hang in there Steele!" he dropped the rope rushing to try and haul the Malamute up trying his hardest to budge the weight of the heavy malamute. The rest of the mbwa were frozen in shock, nyota was the only one to run over and help.
They made progress pulling the Malamute up the tension easing zaidi as they got him farther on the ledge. Steele gasped in air, his paw still pratically shattered kwa the impact of the Line. His eyes were tearing up- he couldn't believe that they were willing to help a jerk like him.
The snow pressed against his good paw, shakingly he crawled up whispering, "Thank you" with gentle tears streaming down his face.... (Cliff hanger O_O till inayofuata times)
"We Don't Need YOUR Help!"
"I'll Kill you!"
Balto and Steele