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Chapter 5: Fun and Games

One mwezi later

"Alright Humphrey this should be good enough, now onyesha me what you've learned" A pleased Kate alisema looking over at her love

"Yes mam" Humphrey replied before creeping around some bushes, she just giggled to herself from how he responded before watching him leave.

The two Mbwa mwitu loups had been stalking a lone deer through the woods for the past several dakika until Kate saw a good opportunity for Humphrey to go in for an attack. This was a big moment Humphrey, if he pulled this off then he will have successfully brought down his first kill. Kate was excited because this meant all her hard work training him would pay off, and she would never have to bring him chakula anymore. However she cannot take all of the credit, Humphrey did have some hunting lessons from his lone mbwa mwitu friend Jake, who she had gotten to know as well.

She silently waited behind the cover of a tall kichaka and peaked her head around every so often to monitor his progress, he was stalking his prey as if he was a true alpha. As Humphrey came within attack range he stopped and just waited, waiting for just the right moment to pounce. All the time training and teaching was all proven successful within a matter of sekunde as soon as he saw the deer become distracted kwa a distance noise. With the animal staring off in the opposite direction Humphrey jumped out form his cover and hit his mark.

The deer let out a yell before it keeled over with Humphrey clamped down onto its neck, Kate was amazed as she watched it happen before her. He seemed like a whole new mbwa mwitu when in hunting mode, so focused and precise wewe wouldn't think that he was still practically considered an omega. After all became quiet again and Humphrey stepped back from what was now his first kill, Kate came walking up beside him with a smile.

"You know, bloods a good look on you" She teased upon seeing the blood on his muzzle.

He laughed "Yeah? Maybe I should wear it zaidi often then." but then licked it all off.

"Oh I'm so proud of wewe love, wewe went from just an omega to a lone mbwa mwitu that can kill in just over a month."

"Thanks Kate, I did have some good teachers which helped."

They both turned their attention back at the deer "Wow I can't believe I brought that thing down on my own." He said

"You looked like any other alpha in Jasper, maybe an alpha rank isn't a bad idea to train for now since wewe already know how to hunt."

Kate had brought up the idea of her training him to be an alpha before, but he didn't believe he was capable of becoming one, not yet at least. He didn't see the point of becoming one either, he was a lone mbwa mwitu and there's no zaidi need for being ranked.

"I don't know, I still don't think I will need further training." He replied looking at her

"Well at least let me teach wewe how to fight, wewe never know, it could come in handy one day."

He sighed, he couldn't argue with her "Alright fine, a few fighting moves won't hurt to learn, but after that I'm done."

She smiled "Thank you, now come on, let's get this back to the den."

The couple worked together and began to drag the deer all the way back home, luckily the path was mostly downhill so the whole ordeal didn't take long. Humphrey started to realize just how easy things will become for him now that he could hunt, no longer did he have to rely on Kate au Jake for food. He knew they both didn't mind it, but at the same time he felt like he should be able to get his own chakula without outside help. After all, he was so post to be a 'lone' mbwa mwitu which changed after Kate came after him all that time ago.

Things for the pair have been running great, no one had suspected a thing as far as they knew and Kate was able to make convincing lies if anyone did ask about her whereabouts. Humphrey was aware at how challenging things could be for her back in the pack and even offered multiple times that she didn't have to keep doing this, but she always replied quickly saying it was worth it. He was glad and amazed that she was doing all of this just so she could be with him, and began to debate of how to repay her for everything she's done. Of course he didn't need to do that, but if the siku came that they could both marry then he would do something nice for her.

Until then they just kept their hopes high and enjoyed every moment they could spend together for it could become their last. It didn't take long after arriving back to the pango until Humphrey was digging into the food. He offered some to Kate but she had already eaten before coming out to see him and passed, saying she was fine.

"Are wewe sure? It's really good" He asked

"Yes, I ate before I left" She stated


She sat in silence while he continued to eat, but it wasn't long until she heard the sound of something approaching the den. "Ah I thought I smelled the scent of a fresh kill." A voice alisema soon after.

They both looked to the pango entrance and saw Jake standing there with a smile. "Hey Jake" She greeted with Humphrey repeating the same.

"So is this the big first kill?" He asked sitting down inayofuata to them both

"Sure is, brought this one down myself this morning" Humphrey answered still eating "Want some?"

"No I got plenty of chakula left to eat back at my den, thanks though."

"Look who's the one offering the chakula now" Kate joked receiving a laugh from them both

"Yeah, sure is nice knowing I can keep myself fed without needing your guy's help anymore." Humphrey said

"And I can't thank wewe enough for training him as well Jake, without wewe then I'm sure I would still be training him at this point, if wewe ever need anything in the future don't be afraid to ask." Kate alisema looking over at him

"Oh it was nothing, I rather enjoyed teaching him even if he was a pain sometimes." He teased

"Hey just because I was tired and not in the mood some day's doesn't mean I was trying to be a pain." Humphrey shot back but was smiling

"Doesn't mean wewe had to just ignore me until wewe had your way."

"Well what do wewe expect from an omega"

"Alright wewe two, that's quite enough" Kate chimed in, seeing that they were just bickering with each other.

They both just laughed after that, over the course of training the two of them had become great Marafiki till the point both acted as if they were brothers. For Humphrey, things weren't boring being alone anymore, he was enjoying it, finding things to do and always had Jake around to hang out with. Kate was happy for him, back after she found him she worried that being alone would have a negative effect on his personality and lifestyle, but luckily it never did. Things became quiet in the cave for a bit until Humphrey was finished with his lunch, after which he got a few ideas in his head on what to do next.

"Well since it's only mid-day and we're all here, what do wewe say we play some games to pass the time?" He asked

"What did wewe have in mind?" Jake replied

"I don't know, tag, hide and seek, log sledding even."

"Aren't we a little too old for pup games?" Kate added after hearing some of his suggestions

Humphrey just shook his head, oh how alphas didn't understand how to have a good time. "Come on Kate, no mbwa mwitu is ever too old for games and I just know your playful pup side is still wihin you."


"Besides wewe do upendo log sledding, can't deny that!" He added smiling

"That is true, alright fine we can play some games just as long as I am able to get back to the pack kwa sundown." She finally agreed

Humphrey's tail wagged, he could tell that he still needed to work on her fun side since alpha school practically erased all of it. "Jake how about you?"

"Sure I'm up for some fun." He replied

"Awesome, come on I know a good clearing we can head to." Humphrey alisema before quickly exiting the pango leaving just Kate and Jake

They both smiled and shook their heads as they got up, looking at each other. "Gotta upendo omegas, always wanting to have fun." Jake said

Kate giggled as the two left the pango to follow Humphrey "That's one of the reasons I upendo him, always coming up with new fun things to do and he's shown me how to have fun again." She replied

"Yeah when I went to alpha school the teachers weren't very strict and stated having fun in-between responsibility's is a good way to relieve stress." He said. Kate and Humphrey had learned earlier that he was an alpha during the time he spent back in his old pack.

"Your one of the lucky ones then, the alphas in my pack were taught that fun and games is just a waste of time and something omegas should only do."

"Wow that bad huh? Well it's good wewe have Humphrey in your life to onyesha wewe that that's not the case."

She agreed to that, she thought of herself especially lucky to have Humphrey be the one that went to Idaho with her because she learned how to have fun again because of it. Also she wouldn't be as happy as she was today if the trip never happened. It didn't take long to get to wherever Humphrey was leading them, actually it was practically right around the cover from the den. They walked out into a fairly good sized clearing that glowed brightly in the sunlight and stopped when Humphrey turned around to face them.

"What do wewe want to play first?" He asked

"How about hide and seek?" Kate suggested

"Yeah I think that will be the most entertaining." Jake agreed

"Alright I'll be the seeker first, the rules are wewe cannot follow scent trails and have to stay within the general area of this clearing, got it?" Humphrey alisema receiving nods from them both before walking over to a nearby rock and using it to block his vision. "You have until the count of thirty!"

As he began to count Kate and Jake quickly realized that they needed to get a songesha on, they both scurried off in different directions looking for a spot to hide in. Kate found a fallen log that she crawled inside of to use as her cover, Jake on the other paw was trying to make his way up onto a low hanging branch which he would not be seen from unless someone managed to look up at just the right moment.

Humphrey's count down ended and he turned around to survey his surroundings, nothing appeared out of the ordinary right away so he began his tafuta along the mti line that wrapped around the clearing. He had to remember that he was dealing with trained alphas who have mastered the art of stealth, so they wouldn't be in any obvious spots. So far he had found no signs that he was close to one of them, most spots he expected to see one of them at only proved to be empty. He even yelled out "Surprise!" on a few occasions thinking that he would find one of them.

However when he came across a log that laid flat in the dirt he noticed that from the outside of it appeared to be hollow through the middle. Silently he jumped on juu of it and walked to one of the ends before sticking his head down to look inside.

"Surprise!" He yelled yet again and immediately saw a pair of amber eyes looking back at him.

"Ahh!" A surprised Kate yelled out practically running backwards in fear out the other end of the log.

He laughed as he turned around to see Kate sitting there breathing heavily from the moyo attack she almost had, but upon seeing that it was only Humphrey and how hard he was laughing she couldn't help but laugh as well.

"Don't scare me like that!" She yelled still laughing at her actions

"Sorry, I just couldn't resist" He replied with a big grin

"I'll admit that was pretty funny" She alisema after they got all the laugher out of their systems

"You see? Not such a pup game after all now is it?"

"I know, I know"

Jake could hear the two of them talking in the distance and soon he began to notice that there was one small, but major flaw in his hiding spot. A creaking sound filled his ears and his eyes widened at the fact that the branch he was sitting on was starting to break, rather than just give up the spot he decided to wait it out. Luckily the sound stopped once Kate and Humphrey appeared under him, both still searching around for him. They shortly left until coming back yet again stopping right at the shina of the mti he was in, and it was at this critical moment that he felt himself become weightless.

With one loud snap the branch gave way and Kate and Humphrey both managed to look up just in time to see a branch fall with a crash inayofuata to them shortly followed kwa something furry. Jake quickly sat up as if he never fell from the mti but began to hear the two snicker inayofuata to him.

"How nice of wewe to drop kwa Jake" Kate alisema with a smile

"Yeah, wewe didn't have to give up your spot so soon wewe know." Humphrey agreed

"I guess that mti didn't like me sitting in huh?" He replied as he began to laugh as well.

"I guess wewe exceeded its weight limit" Humphrey teased

The three of them continued to laugh on before it was Kate's turn to be the seeker, she proved to be good at it and found both of the guys within a few short minutes. Round after round the good times did not stop, all the Mbwa mwitu loups were too busy enjoying the game and finding ways to have a good laugh to notice the time fly by. Soon a couple of hours passed and they agreed on switching to a new game, but this one was zaidi on the danger side.

Since Jake had never been log sledding before Kate and Humphrey both saw this as the perfect time to get a few runs down the mountain, as well as giving him a taste of what it's like. At first he was a bit nervous but eventually they managed to talk him into it and were soon dragging a log together up a slope. This was a run Humphrey has taken many times before so he took charge of steering the log from the back with Kate in front of him and then Jake who had a clear view of everything ahead.

The wind rushed through their fur, manyoya as they cheered and howled in excitement while flying past trees, rocks, and anything else that got in the way. Jake enjoyed every moment of the ride and could understand why it was totally worth the danger, what mbwa mwitu could say they've gone down a mountain in a log? As quickly as the ride began the kilima flattened out and their speed diminished until the sled came to a grinding halt, allowing the Mbwa mwitu loups to get out and immediately begin pushing back up to the juu again.

They managed to get two zaidi successful runs in until Kate noticed that the sky was beginning to turn a slight orange, as much as she was having fun and didn't want to leave she had to in order to be up early the inayofuata morning for her alpha duties. She alisema goodbye to both of them and thanked Humphrey for the good time before leaving him with a kiss. He smiled as he watched her run off into the forest happy that he was able to get her to unwind and have fun before getting back to the grind of pack life. Jake nudged his paw into his side before saying that he wanted to do one zaidi run before calling it a day. Humphrey of course couldn't say no and helped him take the sled back up to the juu of the kilima yet again for one last ride.

A/N: Nothing but fun, fun, fun! Haha, I'm glad wewe guys like the story and again I thank wewe for the support. Now onto some major news for those A&O mashabiki who don't already know, the trailer for Alpha and Omega 3: The Great mbwa mwitu Games has been released! wewe can find a link to it on my profaili here on FanFiction under the little news section I've made au on my YouTube channel. So go check it out if you're interested, and that's a wrap, upangaji pamoja for this chapter. Cya.
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