Hi guys, I hope you'll like it but before start to reading, I think wewe have already seen my advertisement on the tittle.

I upendo this club and I respect his rule. I don't want to provoct you, because I had warned you. If I have some ripoti about my story, I'll futa it. But try to understand that I'm not a pervert au just a porn fan. It's just a story of upendo and upendo mean sex at a moment, it's just a part of the life and the nature. Off course, I tried to don't use a hard vocabulary, just some feel and details. Just for that you'll be not shocked, the story take place when Runt and the other are older, like a 17 years old boy/girl.

Thx and Good kusoma ^^

Runt's POV :

I was already waked up since one hours, I saw the sun woken up. I think at Magril and our relationship, today it's the Moonlight howl and I and my siblings fixed a tarehe together. I'm remembering my dream when I was pup, I would like to try with her. I heard my family woken up, I back into the den. “Hi mom” I alisema nuzzled her, she replied with a smile toward me. My sister shakes her head against my chest “Hi little bro” she alisema sweetly “Hi bro” add my brother. After that we returned toward my father, we jumped on him and licked his face “Hey hey... arff” breath my father, my mother laughed at the scene and rejoined us for make an big hug. Stinky and Claudette gone out for hunt the breakfast, my mother go with them. “So what do wewe will to do” asked my father when we were alone. “As it's the Moonlight howl tonight, I think I'll spend time with Magril” I replied friendly, my father licked my head “Hey dad... I'm not a pup now” I alisema giggled, “Well I'm very proving of wewe that wewe have a mate” he replied with a smile. “Hey dad” I alisema pushed him. My mother went back with a Cariboo for each and after the breakfast, I wanted to see my Aunt just for he gave me some advice for my first time, him and Lilly loved to have sex. But I know that if mom and dad know about my project, I didn't want that it went took place.

On the path, I saw Magril ran and jumped to me. She shoved me on the ground, “Alpha 1 ! Omega 0 !” she giggled, I get up and kissed her. “Really” I smiled. She began to blushed “Hey wewe cheat”, “So what we will do today darling” she added. “Ho I’m just going visit my Aunt for tonight” I alisema mischievously “Ho I had forgot that It's the Moonlight howl tonight” she alisema worried, “And if you'll play with our friend, I had prepared an surprise for wewe but and I didn't finish it” I alisema gently, she stopped to moved and jumped on me “An surprise !!” she screamed of joy, I kissed her and ran to my Aunt's den.

When I arrived, I see Lilly come down of the pango with the pup and Garth. After that the pup saw me, I was covered of pup. “Alright pup, left me” I alisema sweetly to them. “Hey Runt, I thinks they upendo you” giggled Lilly. “Hi Lilly hi Garth” I add being try get up, “left your cousin breath an bit” alisema Garth. The entire pup obeys at their father and returned near their mother. “Thanks” I replied “So what do wewe want” he asked “Well, can I have a discussion together with your mate” I asked gently to Lilly, “Alright, I'll wait wewe on the field with the pups” replied Lilly toward Garth. “Thank wewe Lilly” I alisema happy “We'll come back in few minutes” I alisema to her, “take your time” replied Lilly.

After that Lilly and my cousins left us, we walked a bite with my aunt. We sat in front of the stream, “So what do wewe want” alisema Garth, “Well, it's the Moonlight howl tonight and I'll want to do my first time with Magril” I replied being blushed. He looked at me and opened his mouth, he shakes his head, “You're parents are ok”, “Yes why...” I blushed zaidi and zaidi when I realized what I had done. He looked me and smiled “Ok, so wewe want to have some device” he asked. I was really happy that Garth accepted to helped me “Well yes, but it's my first time I'll wont to hurt her and I don't know buy where to begin” I said. “Well first wewe just have to be cool, not stressed” I heard him with an big attention “I thinks that wewe want to guide her, well just licked au decontract her body for relax her. When she'll be ready...” he stopped and began to blushed “You can, wewe know” he alisema looked my down back, immediately I began to blushed “I see that wewe have understand... Alright when wewe have done that, try to don't go faster au wewe will hurt her” I feel my dick began to grown “And if she want, at the finish she can licks your dick and don't worry if wewe au her cum, it’s normal” when he finished, I was red as an tomatoes and I feel the need to be alone. “Thanks... I'm very happy that wewe helped me” I alisema “No prob”. When he was left me, I saw my dick very big. I waited a few dakika and began to rejoin Magril.

I saw her play with my sibling and run after them. I jumped on the nyasi and catch Magril “Hey, Runt I'll be win” she alisema short of breath, I kissed her and we saw at each us. “Alpha 1 ! Omega 1” I laughed, she get up and looked me with a demoniac face. She ran after me maybe until a few dakika and I stopped her with a kiss. Immediately, she was stopped dead. “Hey...” she alisema confused “So It was cool with your aunt” she alisema with a sweet tone. “Yes” I smiled. She slapped me with her tails, I loved when she do that, she had a sweetly skin. We spent the afternoon at played together, hunted and sleeped. When the sun began to down, we went back for dress up.

On the path, I wanted to tell to my brother about tonight. We left our sister went back alone until we walked to the den. “So what will be the surprise” giggled Stinky “Have ours first time with Magril” I alisema casually, I saw my brother stop dead and opened his mouth, “Are wewe okay” I asked “Are wewe kidding me!! Well done little bro” he exclaimed, he ran to me and do a big hug. I explained all what I'll do with Magril and come back at the den. When we arrived, we dressed up quickly and gone to the rock. My parents had reserved a place just down of them just for wewe and ours love. The other were already here, Magril had wearing a cute maua, ua on her head. We take our place and my parents began to howl. Immediately the other began to howl and when they finish, it was our turn. Claudette and Magril began first, it was incredible. Each she howl, I was always very upset, she had an amazing voice. After they finish, Fleet, I and Stinky began to howl and after a few dakika they rejoined us, it was my best siku that I had never past. When we finish, everybody applaud to us, “You were amazing” scream Magril to me. Wait after that I'll be zaidi amazing I alisema to me.

After that our parents congratulated us, we moved to the field for the inayofuata of our date. We lay on the nyasi and looked the stars. I kissed Magril and surround me with her pawns, “So when I'll have my surprise” she alisema impatient. “Don't worry, I don't forgot” I replied, “relax you” I alisema sensual. She looked at me being to blush and Stinky pushed me, I smiled to him. After a few dakika my sibling get up and back at the den. My brother looked at me and I saw an small smile, Magril get up to follow them but I kept her” hujambo stay here, do wewe forget the surprise” I saw that she were very impatient and began to jump of joy. “Lay wewe on the grass” I alisema quietly, she lay on the nyasi very confused, I laid on her belly but after an few second, she began to understand what I wanted to do. “Hooo... I know what wewe want” she replied very sensual, “But wewe are sure that it don't hurt me” she add worry I smiled to her, “Don't worry, Garth had explained to me” she began to relax and spread her legs. “Wow I see wewe are ready” I deduced “Yeah until the time I have waiting that” We began to relaxed, and I began to do what Garth learned to me.

Margi’s POV :

I was really happy about his surprise, I began to relax and breathe a little. He began to lick my belly and come down of my body. I moaning of pleasure and I feel an amazing sensation, I realized that he licked my pussy. “Wow” I scream of pleasure. It was a new feeling, as if the time was stopped. After one minute, he returned me on my belly and I began to feel his dick on my body. “Ready” he asked “When wewe want” I replied, so he began to put his dick on my punda and pushed slowly. It was an amazing feel to have him into me, he began to go faster and I scream very hard. “Ho.... god”. It was a real sensation until few dakika “I feel its coming” he said. And at a moment I feel a strange substance wet me and go out of my punda and his dicks. “Don't worry, it's normal” he alisema for reassured me. He returned me on the back and pushed his dick into my pussy. “I think that I'm a naughty girl” I breathe, “Well, see what I do to a naughty girl” he replied. He began to go faster and I feel I'll cum earlier. Soudainly I cum everywhere and wet the ground. I returned and shoved him on the ground “Now it's my turn” I alisema sensual. I licked his dick and began to put it on my mouth. It was a good pleasure to do that and when I see that Runt loved that I began to go faster. After a few moments, he cum in my mouth. “Haaaa” he breathes. We laid on the nyasi and kissed him “So” he asked, I look his blue eyes “It's was... amazing” I breath, he licked my muzzle covered of cum. After a few minutes, when I licked the rest of cum on his dick we heard a sound behind us. We returned and I saw his parents very shocked, I blushed very zaidi and I come behind Runt very worried.

Runt's POV :

We see my parents and I realized that I had still some cum on my body. I knew that they were angry and I tried to explain to them. “Hear... It's nothing mom” But I had didn't the time to finish that she slapped me. I growled toward her and protected Magril to my parents, “I don't believe that” growled my father “Don't touch her” I shout. They growl at me but I didn't look down. They understand that I'll never release. “Back home” alisema my mother firmly, when I saw my father approach to me we obeyed “Ok but don't hurt her” I pleaded, I didn't want that Magril be hurt. They growl at us and I take Magril near me, my parents followed behind us “Don't worry” I alisema at Magril in her ear. I saw that some tears flowed on her cheek, I shake my head against her and I looked toward my parents, I was very angry about them and I growled “Don't play with that son” replied my father.

When we were arrived, my siblings looked at us very sad. I heard Stinky alisema to me “good luck”, I saw some tears on Claudette's cheek. We went into the pango I saw Nars very angry and Fleet looked down, he had some blood on his cheek. Magril was terrified and began to cry. “Magril look me” her father shouts. I growl toward Nars “I'll kill you” “Dad stop that” Cry Fleet, he puts itself near Magril. He looks me and breath sorry to me, at this moment I understood that he was him who denounced us. Immediately I looked Stinky very sad, I saw he began to cry. “I'm sorry...” he alisema sadness “It's alright...” I replied to him. Nars began to approach of me but my parents stopped him “Don’t touch him” alisema my mother. “I didn't always believe that” she added sadness. “You fuck my daughter” growl Nars but Magril defend me “Left Runt dad, it’s my life. wewe are so idiot”. At this word Nars was terrified about the majibu of Magril and he ran out of the den. Magril left her head against my body, I looked my parents very angry “Why wewe have done that” I cry toward them “I hate you”.

My parents were very worries about that I had said, they look at each other. “Do wewe realized that we have to do” ask my mother “Yeah and I don't regret that” I replied, she looked my father and left me and Magril with her, Fleet, Claudette and stinky. “Imagine that she'll be pregnant” asked my mother very worry “And If I want to be pregnant” replied Magril very angry, we look at each other and my mother breath “I'm sorry that we had ruined your tarehe guys but I was very worried about wewe so I asked at your brother and he told me everything” I look Stinky very sadness “I'm sorry about that” he cry, I take him on my pawns “I wants it to wewe not” I replied. I heard Magril talked with Fleet “It's dad who he had do to you” Magril cried “It's nothing” breath his brother. “Well I go tafuta the two outside, I promised that they don't hurt you” my mother said. We saw my mother discuss with Nars and dad, soudainly my sibling and Fleet puts themselves on front of me and Magril “Don't worry, we'll protect you” replied Claudette very angry.

I was very surprised that they do for us, the parents come back and saw us. “I’ll prevent wewe dad, if wewe attacked us…” but Stinky was stopped kwa our mother “Stinky, please…” Nars and my father look at me very sad. I go out of the group and approached near him and Nars, I had some tears flowed on my cheek. “Dad….” I looked him and I began to cry “I’m so sorry to have ruined your tarehe guys…” he apologized, I hate see my father sad. “No dad…. Please” I take him on my pawns. The other rejoined us and makes a big hug. Nars takes Magril and Fleet on him pawns “Sorry guys…”. We had stayed silently until a few minutes. My father looked me “Hear… I know that wewe are not a pup now and saw wewe with Magril do that…. It was very hard, wewe grown so fast” he alisema “I know dad…” I replied. “Do wewe want to sleep here au wewe prefer….” I’m returned to my mother “I think if they are agreeing, go out for just one day…. Talk about our future” I looked my siblings and Magril, they nodded with their head “Ok and where…” my mother asked “Ho in the forest where wewe remember…” I replied “But for tonight I think we sleep here” I smiled to her. We lay on the ground, exhausted, I saw the sky and began to close my eyes.