In case some of wewe didn't know. This shabiki page was created a whopping 7 years ago. I came to this shabiki page 5 years ago. I was on and off on this website and I haven't been here in maybe 3 au 4 years. I had fallen in upendo with Alpha & Omega. Wanted to see as many different happenings as a could. Though the sequels did not make me too happy: being without Justin Long au Hayden Panettiere, spanning a short 40+ dakika for each sequel, and the uhuishaji being extremely lazy. This page allowed me to throw my ideas for sequels and stories based on the movie out there. Including one that put me inside of the pack as a human. Another, called "The Brotherhood", was actually a inayopendelewa for a lot of people and spanned 11 chapters before I gave up on the whole thing and moved away from the movie. I wasn't so much a shabiki of the movie anymore. Mostly because of the people of the old were leaving, them being my friends, and less and less people kusoma makala au giving a flying shit about this movie. It just became kind of dead in the water. One user of this website that I miss the most is a man kwa the name of Jon. His profaili name was katealphawolf. I mean when I left this man's serious was up to 120 chapters/episodes. Course, according to site RP he was married to Kate instead of Humphrey, Humphrey had made a terrible mistake and although I like Jon most of my stories ignored this completely. Please take this with a grain of salt but to me, the older makala showed just a little bit zaidi effort than the newer ones do. It might just be me, and wewe might be working hard on your story but I just don't see it. Jon, put WORK, hours upon hours on each of his chapters. I respected him for that and I enjoyed every last one of those chapters just as he enjoyed every last one of mine.

7 Movies? Really? How I wanted to see the aftermath of Alpha and Omega I was hoping I wouldn't be so disappointed with it as I did with Alpha and Omega 2. Of course, I was 14 when Alpha and Omega came out, and while I was a teenager I guess I enjoyed it a little zaidi than I do now. I suppose that I was younger and Alpha and Omega 2 wouldn't have bothered me as much as the current movies. Honestly, I wished they would've made the movie a little bit zaidi mature and a little bit better for someone who enjoyed the first movie so much. I believe someone of this fandom could do a better job at uandishi the sequels than the writers can. We definitely could do a better job at animating it. It looks like a High School Duel-Enrollment student animated it for a homework assignment. In Alpha and Omega 3, when Kate first gets nyumbani from being away, she walks out to sit beside her daughter, Claudette, and wewe can see her feet lifting off the ground. In the latest movie, “Alpha and Omega: The Fur-eeze”, when the pups fall out of the log-board and they pop up, look at Stinky, he shoots up and then stays still in an unnatural way. Of course, the whole movie is unnatural because Mbwa mwitu loups wouldn’t sit down and lift their paws for a hug because Mbwa mwitu loups take their lives very seriously. I am just extremely unsatisfied with the way the series is being treated. Moreover, the way the mashabiki are being treated. It’s like all they care about is lining their pockets. I thought Lionsgate was better than this. I mean, they did make Delta Farce. Which was a movie with Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engval, and that dude that plays Garth in Supernatural. Let them come and work on the inayofuata Alpha and Omega, they’d do a better job than the people who are working on it are. They’d do the series good. What I’d like to see is a reboot of the series. Instead of making it a family friendly movie make it a zaidi serious movie for the adults who enjoyed it when it came out. I’d hope they’d do this but I honestly doubt it because putting it to children is what’s making them so much money. I’d rather have people enjoy what I make then make money. Why do wewe think I write vitabu so much? I’ll have an idea and I’ll want to make it into a book, I’ve no talent for uandishi though. Unless it’s something I feel extremely strong about. I’d like to work for a movie company uandishi screenplays and such like that but I doubt I’d ever do it.

Honestly, I have so many ideas for vitabu and stories in my brain and their hard to keep in there. Like I have the Brotherhood story that I mentioned earlier it’s still in my brain. I have the story all planned I just need something to make it juicier. Give it some filler. The story of the Humphrey and me I still remember, but again, I’m not good with the filler. All my vitabu end up being extremely short. Like my book would have maybe 48 pages compared to the shortest Harry Potter book which has over 600 pages in it. Most of the stories I come up with are from dreams. I’ll give an example. I had a dream where I was in High School (I’ve already graduated) and I was framed for something I didn’t do. I was framed for raping a poor girl. Well, somehow, I ended up leaving my truck in the middle of the road and someone wasn’t paying attention and ran into it. So, there were a lot of people around there and I walked back over to where my truck was from whatever I was doing. Somebody “recognized” who I was from being framed kwa the police, yelled who I was and what I had supposedly done. So, every siku when I went to school I would be bullied. The girl whom I liked wouldn’t even look at me; usually saying, “I would never tarehe someone who treated a girl like that.” Then, one day, I snapped, while sitting at the lunch table., I stood and said, “You know what? I’ve never done anything in my whole life but be caring and loving to each and every person I meet. Have wewe ever thought that the girl was lying? Maybe I didn’t do it? Maybe I didn’t deserve all this scolding? I’ve been dealing with this for too long. I didn’t do anything to that girl. I don’t deserve this. I’m sorry if I offended anyone au if I’ve hurt anyone because hurting people is not my thing. Just ask my dead parents. Maybe, wewe should do your research before wewe just someone because wewe never know what they’re going through. I’m sorry, I didn’t do it, and goodbye.” I walked out of that lunch room and went home. Never went back. Days after the incident this girl that I had a crush on who alisema the thing before, came to my house and knocked on my door. Of course, it was one of those she’s way out of my league things and the ugly main character gets the hottie. She said, “I’m sorry, may I come in?” Of course, I let her in. She sits down beside me on the only kitanda that I own and asks, “So wewe didn’t do it?” I reply with, “No, and if that’s all wewe came to talk about then wewe can see yourself out.” She shook her head and sat there with her head down before I broke the silence with, “So why are wewe here? Did wewe come to gloat about something?” Anyways wewe should know the rest it’s the best cliché in stories ever. Going onto the other side of the spectrum, my story, “The Brotherhood” is an action-packed thriller. I’m working on uandishi a version that everyone can read not just mashabiki of Alpha and Omega. It takes place after the original movie, but wewe also must remember that I started uandishi this before I knew about the sequels, and I believe they were written before the sequels. I was 15 when I wrote The Brotherhood. The Brotherhood tells of a time when the Northern and Southern packs were attacking Winston’s and Tony’s pack. They were being overrun kwa the other two packs and must retreat. Before this happened, Kate and Humphrey had four children: Zane, Ryker, Blaze (The oldest), and Anders (The youngest). As they grow up, Zane, Ryker, and Blaze decide to leave the valley in tafuta of other things, leaving their respective mates behind and the valley near defenseless since the four children of Kate and Humphrey are the strongest fighters in the valley. Even though Zane is an omega. So, to get revenge on the Northern and Southern packs; Kate, Humphrey, and what is called “The Council” send Anders on a mission to retrieve his missing brothers. Anders’ upendo interest, Faith, who is a alpha that looks a lot like Kate, intervenes, trying to keep her mate from having to go on this dangerous mission. So, Anders finds his sekunde to youngest brother Zane, and convinces him through some Alpha strength and magic to come nyumbani with him. Zane tells Anders that it is too dangerous to travel in that area at night and that he has a pango not too far away that both of them can spend the night in. Anders has a dream and meets a black mbwa mwitu that is much larger than normal Mbwa mwitu loups killing his father, taking over his brother, and taking over his family whom all continuously say, “You will know.” Anders wakes, screaming, and far away a awoken Ryker majibu to his little brother’s screams. The inayofuata siku Zane agrees to help him look for the other brothers. During this time, Zane and Anders have an argument and discover parts of their backstories not even each other knew, making them feel brotherly upendo for each other. They find another burrow and fall asleep there. In the morning, feeling newfound upendo for his elder brother, Anders leaves Zane back in the burrow and looks for a surprise meal for him and Zane. He finds some Caribou. Before he can go after his prey however, he feels a sharp pain in his hindquarters. He’s been sleep darted. This is where the parts that I have written down end, but the story is much much much longer than that. Unfortunately, all of the “chapters” are extremely short. Of course, because of my inability to write filler.

Like I alisema earlier. There are many many stories on this site that the animators and creators of Alpha and Omega sequels needs to look at. I believe that we all have a little creativity in us and that we all could make a story of our own. We just have to put it down on paper. I mean, honestly if aliyopewa someone who could write filler better than I can au someone who could draw a lot better than I can I’d be making a book right now au manga/graphic novel. I would upendo to have my stories be shown to the world. Nothing would make me happier. Though, people have to like and discover your work before wewe can have it shared to the entire world. Which sucks. There should be a website where wewe could pakia your ideas to and maybe have someone else who likes it and would be willing to help wewe make it a thing. Honestly, I would upendo to make an animated version of the Brotherhood au even a live action movie of the dream that I had but I don’t have the money, the time, the people, au the resources for that. That would cost millions of dollars and hours to make something beautiful like that, being a single person. I mean there’s fundme which could give me the money but I doubt anybody would go for it. I guess it’s worth a try now that I think about it. I guess my inability to write filler is the reason why I write so many fanfictions. Then I don’t like kusoma it to people because a lot of the stories I write are from childish sinema au tv shows. Like I have a MLP shortstory that I wrote when I was younger and I was a full-fledged brony. I have many stories on here from when I was obsessed with Alpha and Omega. I have a story on the Rio fanpage and on here from when I was obsessed with Rio. Why is it so hard to make stuff? I see all of these amazing things on the internet and I’m like. God I wish I could make that but I don’t have the people nor the resources to do it. Like I alisema earlier. I mean, at one time. Me and a friend were going to make a Youtube channel kind of like Game Grumps but that never came through because I don’t have the stuff to record au do anything with my voice. Besides, I doubt anyone would want to watch me. I also had the idea that the Youtube channel would have like a podcast with me and the friend and a couple of other people where we’d just film us sitting on the kitanda and drinking beer. Talking like a bunch of idiots. I would upendo to have a following of people who loved what I did. Not because I’d like to be famous but because I’d want to change people’s lives. Make them have a smile on their face.

One of my inayopendelewa actors alisema something once and I’ve always wanted to experience it. She said, “The feeling to hear your voice coming out of something that isn’t you. Is something else.” I don’t want to go down as someone who nobody knew. Someone who didn’t make a change in someone’s life. I want to help people, I want to change people’s lives. I want to make people laugh. I want to make them cry. I want to make the world a better place.

But wewe can’t do that when the world is filled with haters. (Arin Hansen)