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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Only a few hours after Humphrey's execution, the pack leaders held a secret meeting. "We should not have done that..." Garth muttered. "You know we had to. The zaidi that learn about Fukaro, the zaidi victims he has. We had to prevent it from spreading like and infection." Winston said, "Even if it cost my best omega in this whole damn pack." "I know, but there had to be something else we could have done." Garth replied shaking his head. "No son, we had to do what we had to do." Tony said. "But what I don't get is, how did Humphrey learn about him?" Lilly asked.

*Flash Back*

"Hey have wewe guys ever heard the legend of Fukaro, the red devil?" Shakey asked one night. The four omegas were sitting in a hot spring telling stupid ghost stories. "No, whats the story?" Humphrey replied. "Well, its alisema to go like this... Not to far from here, there is an old abandoned town called 'Silent Hill', a resort town and they say that he lurks there" Shakey began. Salty, Mooch, and Humphrey had sudden chills in their spines. "And he was first sighted kwa a man named Walter Sullivan, a deranged serial killer who was arrested for many murders. Well, he commit ed suicide in his jail cell one morning and he left a note in blood saying the 'red devil' was after him. No one ever knew what he was talking about. Now some years later, a man kwa the name of James Sunderland came to Silent kilima to tafuta for his wife. He disappeared without a trace for a week. He was found later outside of town having a mental break down saying a man with a red pyramid mask was raping these two people and then slaughtered them with a giant knife. Well, they thought he was crazy, but he two committed suicide in his hospital room and every single nurse on night watch was found slaughtered and each corpse showed that they had been brutally raped before hand. So now, they say if wewe hear a loud scrapping sound, wewe better watch out, because there is this old saying that goes 'Clank! Clank! Thunk! Scrape! Pyramid Head has come to rape!' So watch yourself." Shakey concluded. There was a long pause. Humphrey was trembling. "Hey guys, I have to go, I dont feel well." Humphrey alisema as he ran off. The three omegas stared in confusion.

*Flash Back Ends*

The Mbwa mwitu loups decided to call it a night and drop the whole Fukaro thing. Lilly and Garth went to their cave and fell asleep inayofuata to each-other.
At about 1:00 A.M. they both woke up to hear a loud scrapping sound. "Garth..." Lilly whined. "Oh god its him." Garth whimpered. Sure enough at the entrance of the cave was Pyramid Head with a spear instead of the great knife. "Lilly, get to the back of the room, I will hold him off." Garth ordered. "No Garth!" Lilly cried. "Just fucking do it!" Garth snapped. Lilly cowered in the corner. Pyramid Head hissed and proceeded to fight Garth. Garth jumped and bit its right arm. Pyramid Head seemed to grunt as it "looked" at its wound. Garth tried to jump on its kofia, chapeo but as he did, Pyramid Head grabbed Garth kwa the scruff. "RUN! LILLY! GO TO YOUR PARENTS! TELL MY DAD I upendo HIM!" Garth screamed. Lilly, who was crying, nodded as she whizzed past Pyramid Head. "LILLY! I upendo YOU!" Garth cried as she turned to see Pyramid Head rip Garth's skin off him.

Lilly ran to Winston and Eve's cave and howled. They both ran out to see Pyramid Head holding Garth's body and well, wewe know. "TONY!" Eve cried. Tony ran out to see Garth and Pyramid Head. "NO! GARTH! wewe KILLED MY SON!" Tony screamed as he charged at Pyramid Head. "No Tony!" Lilly cried but it was too late. He ran right into Pyramid Head's large spear. "Oh Jesus... LILLY! GET UP HERE NOW!" Eve screamed. Lilly pointed her paw to the entrance of the cave. The two elder Mbwa mwitu loups turned to see another Pyramid Head with the great kisu approaching them. The other Pyramid Head was just behind Lilly. "RUN LILLY! JUST GO! LEAVE JASPER!" Her parents cried. Then, right in front of Lilly, her parents were sliced in half. But before she could leave, the Pyramid Head behind her jabbed his spear into her stomach. She was killed instantly. The two Pyramid Heads then vanished into thin air. Leaving five bloody corpses behind them. And several days later, these attacks occurred until the Eastern and Western Packs were no more....
posted by HumphryOmega
(this is just the prologue of my story, if I feel people like it, I will continue, if not I will stop so I hope wewe enjoy kwa the way this is anthro)

Humphrey is riding in his car after a long siku of work and his cell phone rings and it's lily. "hmmm I wonder what lily wants this late at night...." Humphrey thought. He picks up the phone anyways. " hujambo lily what's up?" Humphrey said. "Hey Humphrey I was wondering if you've seen Garth anywhere because he hasn't come nyumbani yet, he isn't picking his phone up and I'm getting really worried." lily alisema in a worried tone. "I'll check with kate when...
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dr. halsey asked me "are wewe sure wewe want to do this?" i alisema "yes" my hand was enormus i would have shook her hand but was afraid of crushing it.she put me under but before she did she pushed the golden brown fur, manyoya out of her eyes. i awoke in a suit of some kind. a loud crash shook dr. halseys lab i looked around and saw a marine she was wounded her white fur, manyoya with blood on her chest. I saw dr. halsey and alisema "what the hell is happening!" she alisema "i will tell wewe later right now we need to get the hell out of here!" we ran for the hangar on the way i passed the armory and took a ma5b assault...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
while crazyryan was trying to get the cable wire and thealphaboyz was trying to get the power generator trueshadowwolf and humphrey and garth were trying to get the flatscreen tv. "ok, ok, ok um lets set it right here." humphrey said. me and garth moved it. "no thats not it." humphrey said. "DUDE MY FREAKEN PAWS ARE STARTING TO HURT MAKE UP YOUR MIND." garth shouted. "damn it not this again!" trueshadowwolf said. "man i bet crazyryan and thealphaboyz job is better then this!" trueshadowwolf alisema again. "COME ON DUDE HIS COMING!!!" crazyryan and thealphaboyz showed up. "who?" humphrey said....
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posted by VictoriaWolf
It was a calm night at Phil's house my head rested in his lap as we watched the rest of a film we had rented from blockbuster, my stomach wrench and i dashed to the bathroom , i reached the bahroom and i grabbed hold of the sink and then i threw up......
Phil rushed in behind me "are okay ?" Phil's alisema as he rubbed my back i wiped and washed my mouth , "yeah...i dont how that happend i havent ate anything bad today...." I trailed of "Well aleast its now out instead of in , come on lets get to bed" He hugged me and wnet dwonstairs and switched the tv off as i Sliped my pink slik nightgown on...
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A couple weeks had passed since the fight in the parking lot, and since then I had completed my last final and now all of us had retired to my nyumbani in Montana for the long winter break. Now with the stress load lifted from my shoulders, there was a much zaidi lighthearted feeling going around the house. I was always in a good mood and since I didn't need to be in kitanda at any particular time, romancing Kate and Katie each night became standard issue. During the days we would lounge around the house watching TV au movies, au just cuddling on the kitanda together. Our kids roamed the property and...
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Here it is guys. This is where we'll be facing the greatest enemy of the Doctor. (Other then Daleks.) It might be very long. So don't sue me.


I jumped over a fallen log. I then turned and helped Rose over it. Brandon and John were close behind us with Lilly and Rosie. I then noticed two zaidi stone statues behind them.

"Wow, there's two more. Wonder who put's them here?" I asked to no one in particular. Brandon and John helped Lilly and Rosie over the log and turned around.

"No idea." Brandon said. He then jumped over the log. John...
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posted by kingdom123
hello this is insider again and we will be sharing the awnswers of our mashabiki in this article!

our first person to awnswer was:

metalwolf116 said: i would die. she holds the other half of my heart. wewe cant function without the other half of your moyo i would have to die myself.

that is so sweet my if my mate garth died i would be devistated to =( now our inayofuata awnswer!

alphakate21 said: Absoluotly! i dont know what i would do if i Lost kate.

i agree kate is a beautiful mbwa mwitu now our inayofuata awnswer:

wolfman32: of course i would! i would be crushed if i Lost rose! i dont know what i would do without...
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(this song is dedicated to buddydevos so he has something different to sing to his GF. this song is written kwa metalwolf and metalwolf only, i want full credit cause it is MY song created on the spot)

Verse 1:
i am the shield
i am the sword
i am the fix
i am the torn
i am the string
yet i am chord
i am the dead
yet i am the born

I am the saviour of this life
through the good, bad and the strife
you are the black and i am the pure
you are the sickness and i am the cure

Chorus:(your GF sings the non bracketed parts) (brackets for wewe to sing.)
guard me (when they come to kill)
take me (i wanna feel the...
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 Truck used in story
Truck used in story
Winston and Smart punda distracted the N.V.A while everyone took a path around to a gravel road were we found the trucks they came in.

“Ok Kate , Lonewolf, I.Q, Brik, and Topgun Go and get Winston and Smart Ass, while Me, Garth, Lilly, Thomas, And Bad punda steal ammo and one of there trucks.
“NOW songesha OUT!”

So we did as Humphrey alisema and we headed back to the P.O.W camp to find Smart punda and Winston Pushing the N.V.A as if it was easy au something. we took positions behind rocks and fallen over trees and called for them but they didn’t hear us. So I got up and ran straight into the Kill...
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posted by Humphrey_Omega
Alpha and Omega was kwa far an Amazing film! Had amazing animations, Beautiful landscapes, and a great story line. The Movie as all of wewe know what it is about but we gotta be professional about this au do we? Well guess what i'm not going to be, so go watch the movie yourself. But seriously it is a great movie about 2 Mbwa mwitu loups named Humphrey and Kate and i know wewe know who voiced them and i'm lazy so go look yourself. They get captured kwa humans and taken to a new park in Idaho to Repopulate. Now Kate needs to marry a mbwa mwitu Named Garth to keep a war from happening between the their pack and another pack. So they set off on an adventure back to their pack in Jasper Park, Canada. Now if wewe haven't seen this movie SEE IT! Oh 1 zaidi thing didn't mean to be mean in this makala just intended to be funny. And since I am too lazy to make a question-
If wewe were to marry anyone who would it be? (human au wolf) Leave your creative majibu in the maoni thingy.
Chapter 18
Destiny began padding to Seth's den. She knew he would be there. Also, she wanted to ask him something. She walked up the rock slope that led to the den. "Seth?" She called out. Seth was looking into a stray puddle, fixing up his fur. Seth looked up. "Oh hujambo Destiny!" "May I come in? Is Kate here?" "Yes, and no. Why? Do you... Not like her?" Seth began to feel nervous. He liked them both and wanted them both but didn't want to wreck their friendship au his chances. "Well, she's actually one of my best friends, but... I wanted to ask wewe something..." Destiny walked in. "Will you......
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This song is sad. :'(
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Source: Me, DisneyScreens, LionsGate
A great shabiki made video
"Ares, one of us has to go and hunt, au we'll all starve! wewe can't make me stand here forever." alisema Nabara. "I know... I just don't want them finding us. I'll go, I failed to see the plan to drive us out. If I get caught, I deserve it." Ares said. "Ares, whatever wewe say au do, i'm with you. I'm coming with you, and there's nothing wewe can do au say to stop me." Claudette told him. Ares sighed.

After leaving to go hunt, they both found a spot about ten dakika away from their little camp they made. It was a inside the border that was once Ares's territory, so they had to be extra careful....
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posted by The-Theorist
Theories about Garth and Other Things

I thank all of wewe for your insight.

Kitsune32 brought up the possibility that he never knew his parents all that well, and I think that is a very believable theory. He could have Lost them au been separated from them at a time where he barely knew who they were and had yet to bond with them. But how and when is still a mystery. What are your thoughts on this, Kitsune? I'm interested to hear what wewe have to say.

And LillyOmega2 corrected me in saying that Banff did not exist at the time, and I appreciate the correction. Guess I was so disappointed in the...
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posted by Rockowolf123
Rocko felt bad he wanted to apologize to candu
nyasi, nyasi kavu candu I ... I'm sorry for beatin the shit out of you'' Rocko said
And I'm sorry for calling wewe a rapist'' candu replied
wewe I will kill wewe Rocko'' the man said
Rocko was just walking along when
A log hit him
Oh I am terribly sorry'' patty said
I can fly better than wewe only thing wewe are lucky for is that I can't eat you'' Rocko said
Daria baby'' Rocko said
Over here darling'' Daria replied subductivly
Rocko kissed daria
Daria will wewe marrie me'' Rocko asked
Oh...oh Rocko yes yes I will'' Daria alisema joyfuly

Athures note: sorry its short please comment