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"OK kate and lilly wewe go invite every wolf." humphrey said. "ok got it." kate said. "crazyryan123 and thealphaboyz wewe go find a humans generater power." humphrey said. "where can we find that?" ryan said. "there should be a general store over the forest." humphrey said. "got it lets go anthony!" ryan said. "ok!" anthony said." and trueshadowwolf wewe and me and garth are gonna set up the flat screen t.v.!" humphrey said. "got it!" i said. "and shakey and mooch and salty wewe go and find some wood to burn!" humphrey said. "ok." the gang said. "now lets do this." humphrey said.

misson 1
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One warm summer late in the afternoon at 6:30 i saw the sun setting as i relized it was time to go home.I left the the wooden obstical course wich i was training for alpha school,then i started to make my way towards home,as i was walking nyumbani i seen an old friend from alpha school,his name was keaka,i asked him"keaka,what are wewe doing out here? its getting late!" he said"hey kate havent seen wewe in a while,i was just over kwa the pond drinking water."Oh i thought wewe were alone out here kwa yourself." i alisema to him,we kept on talking and i totaly forgot that it was getting late,i suddenly realized...
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posted by Alphaman
Alright I have special pics of A&O2 now it's up to wewe guys on what I should do.
First should I make a slideshow about Kate and what she looks like
sekunde should I make one about Lily. Now about Lily,shes pregnant in this movie.
Third should I make a slide onyesha about everything I have so far.
It's up to everybody out there so start to decide.
inayopendelewa pics described.
Pic 1: Lily with garths paw on her stomach
Pic 2: Kate and humprey at moonlight howl
Pic 3: Lily laying unconscious
Pic 4: Kate fighting a Delta
Pic 5: Lily and her pups
Pic 6: Kate talking to Lily
Pic 7: Garth and Lily at moonlight howl
Pic 8: Kate helping Lily up
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Well, here's the trailer for Alpha And Omega 3. I don't really know about this one... Probably won't stop me from spending my money anyway.
alpha and omega 3
the great mbwa mwitu games
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