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 Lily and kate Sexy Wolfs
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Oh Yeah they Are Sexy (Liily And Kate)
Mbwa mwitu loups
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A few weeks after the birth, Janice was walking to Brian and her secret meeting place. She did not know that she was being followed kwa Moonlight.
When she reached Brian she kissed him and then nuzzled him as always. brian kissed her and nuzzled back, "I'm glad to see you. Our pups have been doing well. They are growing and are getting bigger all the time." Janice laughs, "I can't wait to see them again. But Moonlight keeps insisting I stay closer to him." Brian looks around, "I hope he didn't follow wewe here." Janice looks scared, "I hope he didn't!"
Moonlight was smirking and watching from...
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Hutch looked at his brother sleeping beside him. He sighed, a mwezi ago, Humphrey could never say a mean thing to anybody. After the wedding, however, he changed into the equivalent of a sharp-edged stone. Cold and unfeeling were his traits now.

Hutch had come with Humphrey at the order of Winston and at the request of an Alpha female, Luna. Hutch could tell that she had feelings for his brother, but he doubted that Humphrey had noticed; he was too caught up in self-pity.

Humphrey began to awake, "Good morning, Hutch." he alisema as he stretched.

Hutch cleared his throat, "Humphrey, I know that I...
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