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 Katie Watches 2 Girls, One Cup
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When Katie was napping, I asked Kate to tell Katie to visit 2 Girls, One Cup and to tell her it was a comedy show. So here she is sitting on my lap watching and I planted a hidden remote activated camera that took her picture, she threw up after. lol
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It was early sunday morning and jon got up feeling kinda depressed about killing Riley but he had to just then his mother got up and she wasn't to happy she hadn't slept well last night and jon knew that so he kept his mouth shut then his dad got up and alisema 'Hows my loving family doing this morning?' and jon replied 'I'm good' and kate just grumbled and humphrey took it like a good and he left for his inayofuata rap recording he was glad that his family was finnaly salama but when he got to the rap studio he started his recording and when he finished he went nyumbani in his audiR8 and as he drove up...
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