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 Winston: No megusta
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Winston no gusta
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Life with Alyssa

I am back on this series again! I will be posting the inayofuata chapter weekly au about every 4 to 6 days. Anyways enjoy and maoni as always!

"Ow! Any zaidi bumps like this my punda will be broken." We were in Montana, all non-stop riding for about 24 hours, Kate and Crystal had gladly packed their MP3s so there wouldn't be any arguing between songs because the girls can get a little feisty on a long trip.   "Don't worry Jet, if I am kusoma this correctly we only have about 10 zaidi miles and we can stop at this nice hotel." She put her hand on my shoulder which helped me feel...
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since u got no idea what's Video Brinquedo, here's the "trailer" of one of their god awful "movies" also, if u think A&O 2 is "god awful", watch this first and see which movie's god awful for real!
It has been 4 weeks since Rocko came back
The pack is still in shock of this
Sir we captured him" hutch alisema with ease
You captured who hutch" Rocko replied
Her killer" is all hutch alisema as Rocko stormed out of his sister's den
-at the holding chamber-
Rocko stormed in with runt and hutch behind
Winston eve and Kate where waiting
Rocko entered the chamber
You motherfucker" Rocko alisema to the man and kicked himed
Rocko started beating on the man
You took her from me I loved her" Rocko said
I'm sorry please" the man alisema crying
Rocko was furious his eyes snaped red
He then ripped out the mans leg bone
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Humphrey having no idea of what just occurred stumbled on his way several police car flew kwa lights going. Humphrey continued to walk and finnally seeming like forever he made it nyumbani and knocked on the door cause it was locked. ~1 dakika later~ Kate opened the door and let him in and humphrey went and layed down having a throbbing headache. ~Tuesday morning~ Humphrey awoke feeling drowsy he Absoulutely hted this feeling so he went into the jikoni But found nothing to eat at the moment so he went to his Office in which he does hhis work at nyumbani from and found something that wasn't very funny...
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