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Chapter 1: Nature Calls

The hypnotic call of the crickets was slowly swept away as the sweet song of the early bird began to fill the air of the park in the company of Spring's sun, which signaled to all of its creatures that the time had come to start the siku anew.

Light crept slowly across the land, beating back the shadows of the night and forcing them to retreat into the deepest holes where they would hide until their nightly master freed them once zaidi from the tyranny of the sun, and as the light spread, the song of the early bird was joined kwa a vast chorus of chirps and calls which...
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*I don't own A&O but I own Rocko only my Marafiki can use him but shabiki art is very flattering and wewe don't need permission *

Lilly was still crying on rocko's shoulder
"Lilly wewe can stop now" Rocko tried to calm her
"What will the pack think" Kate asked
"Who knows but I know someone I want to see first" Rocko said
"She is in the other room" Kate said
As Rocko and Kate walked in the other room
Daria was sitting with a blank face
"Daria" Kate whispered
"Oh hello Kate" Daria alisema in a sad tone
"I got a gift for you" Kate said
" Oh that's cool I guess" Daria said
" I'm sure wewe will upendo this" Kate replied
Rocko then kissed Daria on the cheek
"Hay baby, I missed you" Rocko alisema softly
"Rocko" daria alisema in a shocked tone
Daria hugged Rocko the best she could
As she teared up
"How are wewe alive" Daria asked
"I didn't die that's how" Rocko joked
Daria kissed him as accurate as possible
" I upendo you" Daria said
"I upendo wewe too" Rocko replied

The end
Hello, guys. Just wanted to say that, for the inayofuata few days, I will be going lone wolf. I may respond to some ukuta posts, but not many. I will still be up for the RP tomarrow, on my wall, if wewe guys are still up for it. Just wanted ya all to know! I won't be as active as I usually am! :) If wewe are interseted in the RP, PM me, au message me in my wall!!!

Also, bila mpangilio question... who likes dubstep? Tell me in the maoni below!!! :)

I am going to continue to write... because the stupid site keeps telling me to post a longer article... what???

bila mpangilio TEXT

bila mpangilio TEXT
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