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Episode 13

*Sapporo, Japan*

Dark Byakko: *Destroying things* I shall conquer this world!

Kate: *Watching* What should we do?

Garth: I don’t know...

Lilly: Where’s Wolfe?

Dark Byakko: *Spots them* I found you! *Fires a blast of dark energy at them*

Lilly: *Dodges*

Garth: *Jumps*

Kate: *Dodges*

*Sapporo Park, Sapporo*

Nick Wolfe: *Sees the destruction* Princess...I must stop that creature from destroying this city.

Princess: But how do we get there in time?

Nick Wolfe: *Spots a silver concept 2018 Nissan Sports Car* Hm...I think I have an idea...

*Darkness Kingdom*

Christopher X: *Now has vines growing...
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