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 XD lol
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hi ths is a awkward moment
sanaa ya shabiki
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Since I was bored of just working on T and M-rated stories all the time (even if I still plan to finish everything I've started), I started this shabiki fiction to onyesha what I think may happen in the new A&O movie coming out inayofuata year. I've been working on it for some time, so it's at 10 chapters, but here's the link if anyone is interested in kusoma it. So far, it's proven to be my most maarufu story, in terms of numbers of reviews per chapter (37 for just 10 chapters) and the number of faves (5, which is 3 zaidi than my inayofuata most faved story) and number of followers (9, which is 5 zaidi than my inayofuata most followed story).
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( this song is dedicated to blackwolf250's new nick name shadow, this song has been created kwa metal mbwa mwitu and metal mbwa mwitu only, any violation of this song will result in legal action and death of all wewe hold dear)

Shadow of a wolf:

night time had drawn near
with it has came unmasking fear
death comes, it kills and strives
it hungers to be alive

the kill has come into sight
in shadows soul there is no light
the black mbwa mwitu is ready to kill
some thrill, teeth like axe blades and now.......

the shadow of the wolf
doesn't give away his soul
the darkness in his heart
will soon take its...
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*Keep in mind everyone that I have a clone Katie, for those that do not know yet. The reason I have a Katie clone is for someone to keep Kate in company while I am in classes during the day. Kate gets lonely and bored with nobody to talk au play with. Plus it puts me at ease knowing that Kate is not all kwa herself whilst I am gone if my roommate and his buddies come around, and of course Katie and Kate are best Marafiki so why not make a clone of Kate's best friend for her? So now I am gonna write a little series of stories from time to time, but am not gonna make a big deal out of it like Life...
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Kates inner monster part 4

Poor Lilly was about to give up hope at finding Kate. When she got back to
the valley she looked everywhere high and low where she thought Kate might be, but no
luck! "Ugh Kate where could wewe be?" "I've looked everywhere, howl mountain, the
den, near the train tracks and even some parts of the forest and I just can't find wewe
anywhere?" Lilly feeling very tired and depressed sits down and tries to collect her
thoughts. "Maybe the worst has happened, maybe she did get captured au even worse
maybe shes......... NO NO I can't think like that shes alright I know it!"...
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Kate woke up, Humphrey was sleeping behind her so Kate got up quietly and walked out the den. She felt wet in her lower areas. Kate smelt her lower area"Wow did i really mate with Humphrey last night"Kate alisema to herself, Kate licked herself"Hmm that tastes good"Kate said. Kate licked herself a bit zaidi then stopped and went down to the lake and cleaned up."Hey Kate"someone alisema from behind her, Kate turned to see Humphrey"Hey Humphrey"Kate said,"So did wewe enjoy last night?"Humphrey asked getting into the lake. Kate giggled"Yeah i did"Kate said, when Humphrey and Kate were washing themselves...
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i really like this video :)
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