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Interview with A&O's creator



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It would of been cool to see a more larger sequel be made aimed at both audiences, with more effort and stuff. I am not saying it needs to be all realism as fantasy is good in it's own way too, I still want magic, and the 4th sequel had a little direction leading to it. I guess the dinosaur one had a little bit too.

If I made a sequel, it would probably be slightly more dark, and more magic. Wolves would of course learn and use a lot more fantasy stuff that our world wolves don't do, but I would put a lot of work for it maybe, and have some emotional things too. I remember the first movie inspired a lot of fans making creative stories. I remember the magic with the Kate's Inner Monster thing too. It's hard to find a story only following something generic attached with realism. Closest is probably a few pictures.
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Bobsheaux said:
While making my reviews of these movies, it never occurred to me to look into who was writing what. After seeing that this same writer worked on most of the sequels, all I can say is... wow. To come up with a concept based on real events, and then eventually turn that property into friggin' DINO DIGS... What happened here? :S
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IVe new talking with Steve Moore myself on Facebook Messenger.
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actually Bob, the only sequel Steve Moore wrote - or in the case co-wrote - was The Big Fureeze. everything else was done by Tom Kane
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