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Jade: I’m scared of loving you, but I do. I really do and it scares me so much. But I can’t not upendo you. You’re always in my thoughts. Even if I tell myself “I don’t want you. I don’t like you. I’m disgusted kwa your world.” I can’t do anything. I still upendo you. It’s like I have no control over myself. I’m so scared of you, Althea. I’m scared because you’re the only person I’ve ever loved this way. And I’m dead scared of this world that I’m about to enter because I upendo you. But I have no choice. I have no choice because I can’t marry David. I can’t. Because I can’t stand losing you.

Althea: Then don’t lose me. upendo me. Accept me. Find me worthy of your upendo because I’m so darn worth it. I’m a good person. I’m worth it. And it doesn't matter what wewe are, what I am, what we are. The fact is, I’m worthless without you. I can’t stand losing you.