I didn't like Amber in the beginning.
But when she came back I was wondering,"Does she really upendo Wilson?"
When I saw 'Living the Dream' and saw how Wilson was happy and loved her,and how Amber treated him,I fell in upendo with her.

When she died in 'Wilsons Heart' I was pissed off.
I know she was dead before the crash,but I thought,"Why the hell can't Wilson be happy?Have the writers Lost their minds?"
I sort of saw House give in to Amber.
Even though they fought over Wilson.

Amber made Wilson happy...that made me happy.
Now that fox, mbweha is inaonyesha S4 again,and as I watch Amber being a cutthroat bitch,I began to wonder,"How did I not like her in the beginning?"
I think that the writers kind of manipulated us to like Cole,Brennan,13,Taub,and Kutner.
They wanted us to hate Amber in the beginning.

I'm kind of paying attention to the episodes a little more.Why?Foreshadowing.
In Mirror,Mirror Kutner said,"Hes mimicking the one thats dying." au something close to that.

Amber may have been a cutthroat bitch,I loved her.
If I ever met Shore....well there won't be no zaidi Mr.Shore.

If Amber was picked for House's 'dream team'
would have everything been different?
If it was:Kutner,Taub,and Amber
Would Wilson have fell in upendo with 13?
Would 13 have been needy enough for Wilson?

To me Amber was not needy.(Even though she got fired)
The writers need to tell us how Wilson and Amber got together.
Give us some flashbacks,or something.
If they don't onyesha us Amber's funeral in S5....
I would have to murder Shore.

Even though in the beginning I hated her(some of wewe probably did too)
I kind of had place for Amber in my heart.
Bitchy and Cutthroat and all,
May Amber live
In our hearts(or minds au whatever) forever and ever.
Long live Amber.
Long live Wilber.

R.I.P. Amber Volakis(Cutthroat Bitch)