In "Andalasia", an animated fairy tale world devoid of problems, in which there are talking wanyama and "happy endings", an evil Queen named Queen Narissa frets that her stepson Prince Edward will soon find his true love, which means that Narissa's position on the kiti cha enzi would be taken over. One day, Edward and Nathaniel, Queen Narissa's henchman, successfully capture a troll, but Edward rides off to the cottage of a peasant named Giselle after hearing her sing about "true love". Knowing Narissa's wishes, Nathaniel sets the troll free to get rid of Giselle, but Edward saves her just in time. When they meet, they instantly fall in upendo and plan to get married the following day.

However, Narissa had witnessed everything, so she meets Giselle while the peasant runs off to get wed to Edward. Narissa successfully tricks Giselle and sends her to the live-action world of Earth at New York City's Times Square. Meanwhile, a divorce lawyer named Robert plans to propose to his girlfriend Nancy, much to the dismay of Morgan, his daughter. While Robert and morgan are being driven nyumbani however, they witness a confused Giselle at a brightly lit billboard advertising "The Palace" casino, who mistakes the pink ngome on the billboard image for an actual palace. Luckily, Robert rescues her after she falls off, and he lets Giselle stay their his apartment at the insistence of Morgan.

Pip, Giselle's chipmunk friend from Andalasia, witnessed Narissa send Giselle to the real world and warned Edward about it, so they escape to New York City as well to rescue Giselle. While at a hotel room, Edward luckily finds out about Giselle's whereabouts via a TV channel that she happened to onyesha up on. However, he's unaware that Nathaniel, who had traveled to New York City due to Narissa seducing him to do so, is trying to get rid of Pip, who found out about the poisoned apple-centric plan that he and Narissa had concocted. Meanwhile, Robert decides to have Giselle stay with him and Morgan, believing that she needed his protection after wanting them to separate due to Giselle causing a falling out between him and Nancy. Giselle maswali the divorce lawyer about his relationship with Nancy, and decides to help the pair reconcile kwa sending flowers and tickets to the "King and Queen's Costume Ball". Meanwhile, an angered Narissa plans to come to New York City after Nathaniel failed to poison Giselle twice.

As they spend zaidi time together, Giselle and Robert begin to grow feelings for each other all the while Edward continues to look for Giselle, eventually finding her at Robert's apartment. While Edward is eager to take Giselle nyumbani to Andalasia and finally marry, she insists that they should first go on a date, reluctant to leave Robert and morgan so soon. Giselle decides to end their tarehe at the King's and Queen's Ball. After Nancy and Prince Edward pair off to dance, Giselle dances with Robert realizing that Robert is her true love. Edward and Nancy seem to realize the sudden attraction between Giselle and Robert, and also discover a mutual attraction between themselves. At the ball, Narissa goes under the old hag disguise she used to trick Giselle back in Andalasia and manages to poison Giselle with the last poison apple before being discovered kwa Edward, Robert, Nancy and everyone else at the ball.

After betraying Narissa kwa realizing their servile relationship, Nathaniel reveals that one must kiss Giselle kwa midnight to break the poison apple's spell. After Edward's kiss fails to wake Giselle up due to her falling in upendo with Robert, he and Nancy suggest for Robert to kiss her. Giselle awakens, but Narissa uses the distracting moment to break free from Nathaniel's grasp and transform into a dragon. When Robert protects Giselle after Narissa threatens to kill her, she takes Robert hostage instead of Giselle, who follows Narissa out the window and up to the juu of the Woolworth Building. With Pip's help, Giselle successfully defeats Narissa, who falls to her death. After Robert's rescue, he and Giselle share a passionate kiss on the roof, while Edward and Nancy depart to Andalasia after truly falling in love.

After a montage of the protagonist's new lives (Edward and Nancy marry, Giselle runs a successful fashion business and has a happy family with Robert and Morgan, Nathaniel becomes a best-selling mwandishi on Earth and so does Pip on Andalasia), the end narration states, "...and so they all lived happily ever after."


Amy Adams as Giselle. A princess-to-be who ends up almost having her dream of meeting her prince a reality. Adams was announced to have been cast in the role of Giselle on November 14, 2005. Although the studio was looking for a film nyota in the role, director Kevin Lima insisted on casting a lesser-known actress. Out of the 300 au so actresses who auditioned for the role, Adams stood out to Lima because not only did she look like "a Disney princess" but her "commitment to the character, her ability to escape into the character's being without ever judging the character was overwhelming." Hailing from Andalasia, Giselle displays similar traits to the Disney Princesses; Lima describes her as "about 80% Snow White, with some traits borrowed from cinderella and Sleeping Beauty... although her spunkiness comes from Ariel a.k.a. The Little Mermaid." She is "eternally optimistic and romantic" but is also "very independent and true to her convictions". Over the course of the film, she becomes zaidi mature but maintains her innocence and optimism.
Patrick Dempsey as Robert. A cynical, New York City divorce attorney who does not believe in true upendo au happily-ever-after, au that Giselle understands his daughter, Morgan. Lima cast Dempsey after Disney was satisfied with the casting of Adams but had wanted zaidi well-known actors in the film. Dempsey, whose starring role on TV series Grey's Anatomy had earned him the nickname "McDreamy", was described kwa Lima as "a modern-day Prince Charming to today's audience". The role was challenging for Dempsey because he had to play the straight man to Adams and Marsden's zaidi outrageous characters.
James Marsden as Prince Edward. A narcissistic and athletic, yet good hearted, prince who ends up confused with the world of New York once entering it. Marsden was announced to have been cast on December 6, 2005. At the time Marsden was auditioning, the role of Robert had not been cast but he decided to pursue the role of Prince Edward because he was "more fun and he responded zaidi to that character." Edward is a prince in Andalasia and the stepson of Narissa. He is "very pure, very simple-minded and naive, but innocently narcissistic."
Timothy Spall as Nathaniel. Nathaniel is a servant of Queen Narissa, who controls him through his infatuation with her and his own lack of self-esteem. He initially does Narissa's bidding, but ultimately realizes her true nature and rebels against her. He has a penchant for disguises. That is the first of two Disney films Timothy Spall has been in, the other being Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in which he was the voice of Bayard the Bloodhound.
Idina Menzel as Nancy Tremaine, Robert's fiancee. Once Giselle falls in upendo with Robert, she falls for and leaves with Edward. Menzel, who is well known for her Broadway musical roles in Wicked (whose composer, Stephen Schwartz, wrote the lyrics to the film's songs) and Rent, was offered the role of Nancy Tremaine.[10] Since the role did not require any singing, Menzel alisema in an interview that "it was a compliment to be asked to just be hired on her uigizaji talents alone.'' Nancy is a fashion designer and Robert's girlfriend. She is named after Lady Tremaine, the stepmother from Cinderella.
Rachel Covey as Morgan. morgan is Robert's six-year-old daughter. Despite her father misunderstanding her and telling her otherwise, she believes in fairy tales and believes that magic exists.
Susan Sarandon as Queen Narissa. Queen Narissa is Edward's stepmother and an evil sorceress with a hatred for Giselle. Sarandon had been attracted to the project prior to Lima's involvement as director. Since Sarandon's on-screen time was relatively short, it took only two weeks to film her scenes. Narissa's mannerisms, characteristics, powers, and physical features were inspired kwa such classical Disney villains as the Evil Queen from Snow White and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.[6] Sissy Spacek, Anjelica Huston and Mary Steenburgen were in close competition for the part.
Jeff Bennett and Kevin Lima as Pip. Bennett provided the voice for the 2D-animated Pip in the animated segment while Lima provided the voice for the computer-generated Pip in the live-action segment. Pip, a chipmunk friend of Giselle who has no trouble expressing himself through speech in Andalasia, loses his ability to speak in the real world and must communicate kwa acting.
Jon McLaughlin as himself, imba "So Close" at the ball while Robert and Giselle dance together as do Edward and Nancy.
Fred Tatasciore as the Troll from Andalasia who tried to eat Giselle
Several actresses who have played characters in Disney films have cameos:
Paige O'Hara as Angela, a soap opera character. O'Hara provided the speaking and imba voice of Belle in Beauty and the Beast.
Jodi Benson as Sam, Robert's secretary. Benson provided the speaking and imba voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid as well as Thumbelina in the Don Bluth movie, Thumbelina; she also voiced the various Barbie dolls in Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.
Judy Kuhn as Pregnant Woman with Kids. Kuhn provided the imba voice of the title character in Pocahontas and its sequel, as well as appearing in the original Broadway cast of Les Misérables.
Julie Andrews as Narrator. Andrews played the title character in Mary Poppins as well as appearing in The Princess Diaries series as Queen Clarisse Renaldi.