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What is the name of this show?

It's a onyesha I watched as a kid (approximately 5-10 years ago) that I have never been able to remember the name of. The premise of the onyesha was something about a secret agency that employed the two main characters, a young, brown-haired, boy with an obsession for Yo-yos, and a large blonde man, possibly the boys bodyguard. They would get missions and get dispatched to them using a pod and kanuni, cannon system, the two would get into a pod which would be put into a large cannon-type thing, and they would be launched to wherever they needed to go. This included virtual reality. At one point, an older version of the boy comes from the future with some high tech stuff, including a yo-yo tracking tool, and needs his younger self's help.One of the major plot points (possibly the season finale) was when they had to go into a guy's vr world, and they ended up playing meza, jedwali tennis against this four-armed, hairy, monster, which turned out to be the guy that hired them in the first place. It sounds weird, but that's what I remember. Any help would be appreciated.
 GrandMoffTerra posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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