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posted by rosethorn
The rain came down like hail between the abandened homes and factorys as a young girl of sixteen ran from the place she had called nyumbani for two in a half years. She tripped once zaidi this time slidding five feet across the pavement street. She couldn't breath for a long sekunde and then looking down she saw flashes of the night all the suffering and pitty began. Her face was burnning from the heat of the fire, her father hugging her before she was flung out the window. «STOP!» Her soft sweet voice speaking out loud caused her to jump with suprise. Looking back down now she only saw her long black hair shining in the mitaani, mtaa light, her pale pink lips trembling with cold, and her dark green eyes dancing like the flames that had consumed her nyumbani with her parents still inside. She shook her head to clear the thoughts wile sending a kuoga of water in every direction and causing her dhahabu hoop earings to clink in a soft melody. She looked down to see a rip in the blue jeans she was wearing most likley caused kwa the fall but other than that she was in good shape. She sighed and walked on her deep green juu sticking to her pale skin as she did so a car roared passed the driver hardly noticing her as his car sent a wave of water over her head. She shivered and began to run along once again. A few minuites later she was walking into a card house. Now that she had set her mind to it she wouldn't stop until she had finished what her parents had started as well as find her brother and sister, even if it waisted the rest of her life.
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Here's the sekunde chapter!
Link to Chapter 1:

Hope wewe guys enjoy!!!


by hiraite


Chapter 2: Fateful Encounter during Free Time

“Yes?” he asks back, confused.

“You’re … Nyle, from section A,” he answers.

The guy smiles, “And if I’m not mistaken, wewe are the one they call R, au Rheo, from the Student Council, right?”

“Yes,” he majibu and tells himself, “I can’t believe he knows me though.”

He offers him help on picking the letters up but Nyle...
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posted by PCD12
Ever since her breakup a couple days ago, Erika has been uigizaji weird. Whenever I mention Andrew, she would look at me and say, “Don’t mention that asshole to me,” then walk away. And before Erika hung up the phone, she told me that she was going down to our high school and not to follow her… but when someone says something like that, I can’t help but follow them. I saw Erika enter the school and slowly followed behind her, making sure she wouldn’t see au hear me. All the lights were off so it was kind of hard to see where Erika was, and that’s how I Lost her. “Great…” I...
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Yuuko is my spirit animal.
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