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1. abunai- dangerous.The term has a broader application in Japanese than a direct translation would suggest, being employed in situations where an English speaker would say "Duck!" au "Look out!" Another common usage is as a euphemism for "deviant," i.e. a "dangerous" relationship (abunai kankei).
2. ai- love.If a native speaker wanted to specify romantic love, he would use the character pronounced koi (or ren, depending on the context).
3. aite- opponent.Be careful, the word has many applications that are counter-intuitive. A zaidi literal kusoma of the characters would be "the one whom I must...
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 Manly man with literally explosive karate skills? Check. Three schoolgirl lesbians and aliens? Check. Bloody and gory violence? Check. At least one scene with naked boobies? Check. Awesomeness? SUPER Check!
Manly man with literally explosive karate skills? Check. Three schoolgirl lesbians and aliens? Check. Bloody and gory violence? Check. At least one scene with naked boobies? Check. Awesomeness? SUPER Check!
This review is brought to wewe kwa Discotek Media, a distribution company that specializes in relicensing and rereleasing old school anime shows and sinema from the 70's and 80's.

I've been adding some anime shows and sinema to my DVD/Blu-Ray collection, and two new additions that I'm especially glad that I bought are a couple of anime sinema from the 80's that were beautifully remastered and rereleased on DVD kwa Discotek Media. These two awesome movies, both released in the same mwaka of 1986, are known as Fist of the North Star: The Movie, and Project A-Ko, both of which I'll be covering in this...
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posted by wakana
Anime: Japanese for "animation" au "cartoons." In American fandom however, it's used to refer to any form of uhuishaji produced in Japan. anime comes in the form of animated TV shows au movies, video games, and comic books.

AMV: stands for anime muziki Video. AMVs are video made kwa mashabiki that feature scenes from anime together with audio from another chanzo such as English songs, dialogue au muziki from another TV show, au movie trailers. The best AMVs are praised for their good video editing techniques and cleverness in choosing the best anime scenes to go with the chosen song au dialogue.

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when wewe get a call from the doctor it genarly means wewe have an up comeing apointment. not for me....when Dr.kasaku call my mom i was only 4 at the time. mom always had it on speaker and i was in the same room. " Get jukiabi to the hospital NOW!!!". my mom knew what it ment. she threw the phone at the ukuta pickd me up and ran to the car. on the way my mom kept looking back at me.worried.when we got there the nurses got me into a room. "whats going on!?!?!" mom yelld. a nurse took her out of the room while another got me to lie down. befor i fell asleep my mom came in and kept brushing my hair...
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posted by wakana
1.Otaku is the honorific word of Taku (home).

Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at nyumbani all the time and doesn't have a life (no social life, no upendo life, etc)

Usually an otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time kwa watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the internet (otaku is also used to refer to a nerd/hacker/programmer).

In the Western culture, people confuse otaku to be something positive like "Guru". If wewe think about it, it's not really good to be called a guru if it means wewe are a total loser...
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posted by alanna1000
 Saya and Haji fighting together
Saya and Haji fighting together

* referance video*

This is an great anime. It started out okay as the girl saya was normal and had a fun life. But then she finds out that she's not your regular High schooler. I liked the romance between Haji and Saya and I liked the storyline. That was well played out. Also something that i liked was the trials that she has to go through to prove that she's worth something. I also like how wewe see her history and how it effects her. This is a great anime and I recommend it to people who upendo romance and action for this has a lot of both.
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