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 Akatsuki no Yona - Dragon Warriors - Neko :3
Akatsuki no Yona
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After watching enough anime we all have those scenes that seem to stick with us because of how memorable, relatable, interesting au emotional they were for us and I'm going to share 10 that have stayed with me ever since I saw them. I'm only going to do one per series and the ones who made the juu are the ones that the zaidi I think about them the zaidi important they are to me.

To note that in uandishi about these scenes means slight spoilers so if wewe haven't seen these shows take caution

*Sket dance (not really i mean it happens in the first episode)
*Attack on Titan
*Hunter x Hunter 2011
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rage of bahamut
manaria Marafiki
manaria academy of magic
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Okay, so after Wanta decided to do one, he decided it would be fun to play a little game with me where we guess each others’ juu 10 Animes. I myself am not good at ranking stuff like this, but since I managed to and I’m already half way there, I minus well. XD So anyways, this orodha is rarely ever stagnant so if wewe check up on me in a week, wewe shouldn't expect for it to be the same.

Also I would like to say, I am not the type that only watches mainstream au anything. It’s just that those seem to have stuck to me the most XD


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It's been so long since I ilitumwa an article. I watched "Place to Place" and "Psycho-Pass 2", then took a break and watched some old favorites--"Special A", "My Bride Is a Mermaid", and "Tsuritama", now all part of my personal collection. Finally, I stepped into the water of new anime with "Bonjour Sweet upendo Patisserie".

Place to Place: wewe know how in some anime, the characters will be normal looking one moment, and chibi the next, and back and forth and so on and so on? Well, in Place to Place, the characters are just chibi all the time. wewe get used to it, though at first I thought the characters...
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 The Planet Da...
The Planet Da...
Planet Dà is a highly advanced technological planet, in which the Mottomo Osoroshis live.
Mottomo Osoroshi is a powerful, highly advanced race. Just like the Tuffles. But Mottomo Osoroshis are stronger than the Saiyans and higher advanced than the Tuffles. And their planet has highly fertile and rich lands. Their nature is very gentle and helpful. Byuti, a female Mottomo Osoroshi is the Queen of the Planet. Everything runs kwa her commands. She is the owner of great wisdom and honour….
20-30 years ago, When Broly the legendary Super Saiyan was nearly destroyed kwa the collective might of the...
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