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posted by Pitrocks14
Please don’t state I’m trolling, I upendo Cowboy Bebop. In fact, it’s one of my inayopendelewa anime ever and it even tops Cardcaptor Sakura. It has great uhuishaji and a great cast of English voice actors. I actually like it better than Samurai Champloo. I’m sorry to be an idiot here, but in my opinion, Cowboy Bebop’s movie: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door kinda destroyed Spike’s personality. In the anime, he’s sweet, earnest, and loving. He’d almost never Lost the kindness inside of him and always had a calm attitude, especially towards his friends. He was a lot like Jet is now. He...
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posted by tammav5
when wewe get a call from the doctor it genarly means wewe have an up comeing apointment. not for me....when Dr.kasaku call my mom i was only 4 at the time. mom always had it on speaker and i was in the same room. " Get jukiabi to the hospital NOW!!!". my mom knew what it ment. she threw the phone at the ukuta pickd me up and ran to the car. on the way my mom kept looking back at me.worried.when we got there the nurses got me into a room. "whats going on!?!?!" mom yelld. a nurse took her out of the room while another got me to lie down. befor i fell asleep my mom came in and kept brushing my hair...
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posted by Nariko
"Whatever else, she needs to be painted in as a bitterly unhappy young girl with little sense of presence." Hideaki Anno, to Yoshiyuki Sadamoto on Rei's character design[3]

At the start of the series, Rei is socially withdrawn, seemingly emotionless, and rarely interacts with anyone, except for Gendo, to whom she initially displays loyalty but with whom she has a generally distant relationship (she says in episode 15 that she "doesn't know what kind of person he is"). She lives kwa herself in a drab, dingy, sparsely-furnished apartment in Tokyo-3, a clutter of vitabu being her only apparent luxury...
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